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they can go in the centre third, the goal third and the shooting circle

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Q: Where can the goal attackers go in netball?
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Where are the the goal attackers allowed to go on the court?

goal attackers are allowed in their shooting third and the center third

Where is the goal keeper allowed in netball?

in netball the goal keeper is only allowed in the third quad of the netball set-out. it belongs where the goal shooter is allowed to go.

Where can wing defence go in netball?

The WD in netball can only go in the centre 3rd and goal thrid but cannot go in the goal circle.

How many attackers are there in netball?

Attack postions: Wing Attack Goal Attack Goal Shooter Defence Postions: Wing Defence Goal Defence Goal Keeper Other: Centre - Is attack and defence really :P

Where can the goal keeper go in netball?

The goal keeper in netball may only goal in the goal circle for the opposite team and that goal third, They are not allowed to go into/past the centre third

What does GD in netball?

It means Goal Direct.... Can go in the goal and middle thirds and in the goal circle

How wide is a netball goal?

the netball goal is 60cm wide

Why do you need attackers in netball?

Because if there is no attackers who will score the goals, they wouldn't be able to attack and defend themselves

What does GD mean in netball?

It means Goal Direct.... Can go in the goal and middle thirds and in the goal circle

Who can shot in netball?

In netball, the goal shooter and the goal attack can shoot.

Where can goal attack go in netball?

A goal attack can go in the centre third and in the goal third and goal circle on the side the team is shooting you can also shoot

What is high five netball?

High 5 netball is basic netball without wing attack or wing defense. goal shooter and goal attack can go in the center and the third they are shooting in, the same with goal defense and goal keeper can go in the center and the third of the opposite team that is shooting. Center is exactly the same as usual.

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