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A Scuba compressor can be found at Leisure Pro, Amazon, or Best Scuba Gear. If you need to save money and don't mind purchasing used equipment, Craigslist and Kijiji regularly have compressors available.

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Q: Where can someone find a scuba compressor?
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Where can you get scuba tanks refilled other than at scuba shops?

You could buy your own portable diving compressor, my dive buddy has one, there not silly expensive . You must get fills from a compressor designed for diving (breathing) as the air is filtered and moisture removed.

What is needed to fill a compressed air tank for a paintball gun?

a compressor capable of pushing over 4,500 psi and an adapter. the adapters aren't that expensive but those compressors arent cheap. The ones you find at lowes and home depot only go up to around 300 fps. you need a scuba tank compressor. or you could get a scuba tank and an adapter. you can fill your own paintball tank many times and then have a scuba shop fill your large tank for a few dollars. its cheaper that way

Is it possible for someone to go scuba diving and find a seal with a pickle planted inside of a huge cut on its stomach?

no it is not possible

What is a problem compressor cant fill dive tanks?

you are probably talking about a garage compressor, in which case the output of that is around 200 psi max, your scuba tank needs 3000 psi, that little compressor will get nowhere near that. not to mention the garage compressors put out wet, dirty air, nothing you want to be breathing or cycling through your marker. If you want to get a compressor that will fill that scuba it is going to cost you around $3000-$5000 for a used one.

Do pre-charge pneumatic powered rifles run out of power?

Yes. they have to be recharged after a set number of shots. With a special compressor, Hand pump or Scuba tank. I find the scuba tank the easiest. PCP rifles and guns are in a high end class of there own. These are the most powerful airguns made.

Where can one find scuba diving cameras?

Many scuba stores sell scuba diving cameras. Check a scuba gear stores in your area. This will allow you to compare cameras and get advise from fellow scuba divers.

Can someone donate an electric air compressor to the school?

The best solution to trying to find someone to donate an electric air compressor would be to put an ad out in your local newspaper and create flyers around your city with your contact information on it.

Why don't whales get the bends?

in order to get the bends you have to be breathing compressed gasses, like from a SCUBA. tank or a deep sea diving compressor

Where can one find scuba diving equipment?

Scuba diving equipment can be found at local scuba diving shop or alternatively at one of the scuba shops on the internet. Some internet sites are Joe Diver America and Scuba Gear Canada.

Where can I find a scuba diving class to get recertified?

lpoking for a licensed instructor to recertify me in SCUBA in the Kerrville area.

What would you find while scuba diving?


Where can one find more information about the scuba pro product?

The best place to find information about the Scuba Pro product is on the official site. There, one will find lots of information about their products in detail.