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There are a number of stores in the UK that sell Cleveland Golf clubs. Theses include the official Cleveland Golf site, Golf Support, 118 Golf, Direct Golf and the online auction site eBay.

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Q: Where can one purchase good Cleveland Golf Clubs?
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Are Cleveland golf clubs good?

For Wedges, Yes.

Where can one purchase Cleveland HiBore golf clubs at a reasonable price?

The places to purchase Cleveland HiBore golf clubs at a reasonable price are many and varied. The best place to start would be Amazon. If you are on a tighter budget, a good option to try would be eBay.

Where can one purchase left handed golf clubs in Edmonton?

A good place to purchase left handed golf clubs in Edmonton is Kijiji. They have a number of listings for left handed clubs in Edmonton. One could also purchase from Ebay or Amazon and have them delivered.

Are Golden Bear golf clubs good?

Not really. A good indicator if golf clubs are good or not is if they are used on tour.

Who do you buy your golf clubs drivers from please advise?

"Who do you buy your golf clubs drivers from please advise?"i am uncertain of your question, are you asking where i purchase my golf drivers from? the internet (numerous good golf shops most good shops have a website), shops (pro shop)- at golf course's, etc.

Are Wilson prostaff golf clubs a good set of golf clubs to get?

They are indeed very good clubs. But as with all such goods it is a personal preference.

Are Knight verdict golf clubs good quality clubs?

no sir

Are MG Golf golf clubs a good set of clubs to get?

Do you mean MD golf clubs? MD golf clubs are a decent brand, but they are not the best on the market by any means. They are an ideal set for beginners and represent great value.

Where can one purchase a Callaway Big Bertha?

Calloway Big Bertha is a range of golf clubs. They can be purchased at most good sports shops or from golf clubs in the pro shop. They can also be found online at The Sports HQ, Just Golf Online and eBay.

Is powder a good make of golf clubs?


What make of golf clubs are good?


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