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Paintball grenade launchers can be found online at Total Paintball Gear, Paintball Grenade, and Total Paintball Gear. They can also be found in sporting goods stores.

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Q: Where can one purchase a paintball grenade launcher?
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What type of grenade launcher is on the m4 3181 aeg electric airsoft rifle m203 spring grenade launcher two stocks fps-300 extra magazine from

its not a grenade it just looks like a grenade launcher. it just shoots one bullet at a time

Where can one find information about the M203 grenade launcher?

By reading the official Army Study Guide, one could find information on the M203 grenade launcher. The U.S. Army Fact File also includes information on this particular launcher.

What is the best paintball grenade?

paintball grenades i personally think are a wast of money but if you get one get the refillable kind

How do you beat high explosive on modern warfare 2?

You have to get grenade launcher headshots, it will kill the juggernauts in one shot if you hit them to the head. So you have to get really good at aiming the grenade launcher rounds.

How do you make a paintball grenade?

You can simply take a balloon (one of the long ones like for balloon animals) fill it with paint, tie the end, and there you go. A cheap homemade paintball grenade.

What is the best airsoft grenade launcher?

Well this is an Opinion question so I think that is if you got one of the G&P's long version grenade launcher than you would be in hevan. But that is what I think but if you are going for an other type of grenade launcher get the long version so you can fire the Madbull XM204 super shower round.- Loads of fun !!!!

How does paintball grenade launcher ammo work?

paintball grenade launchers aren't really grenades. They resemble something more like a shotgun. A cartridge is loaded with several small paintballs and then charged up from a separate air tank. So it contains it's own rounds and enough co2 for one shot. when you pull the trigger all the balls fire at once in a spread.

How much does a grenade launcher cost?

Since there is no one grenade laucher, there is no one cost. Rifle grenade launchers used in WW II were only a few dollars. Current launchers such as the M79 and M203 would be $250 to $950 USD. However, to be owned by a civilian, they must be registered with the Federal govt, and a $200 tax paid on each one- and on each grenade. There is also an airsoft grenade launcher and they are different prices also.

Can a felon have a paintball gun in Nebraska?

Can a felon in maine have a paintball gun an purchase one without getting in trouble

I bought a Boyi D-Boys M4 Grenade Airsoft AEG Rifle and the grenade launcher was a one shot shotgun and i wanted to know if there is a spare magazine for it?


Is the M16A1 rifle with underslung 39mm smoothbore grenade launcher the best gun?

Well, it is a 40 mm grenade launcher if you mean the real rifle and the M203 launcher- but there is NO ONE BEST. The M16 is a good rifle- but it will not be a 1000 meter rifle. And it may not be the rifle of choice in close quarters, or where greater penetration is needed.

Is it possible to fire a smoke grenade out of an airsoft ics glm airsoft grenade launcher?

If the smoke grenade operates on impact, then yes. However, it is a bad tactical idea, because if you have the desire to use a smoke grenade, then you are in the situation where you have enough time to pull one out.

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