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A Tunturi rowing machine can be purchased from Amazon or eBay for a low price. One can also purchase a Tunturi R60 Rowing Machine from Sears for approximately $1,600.

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Q: Where can one purchase a Tunturi rowing machine?
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Where can one purchase the Carl Lewis rowing machine?

You can purchase the Carl Lewis rowing machine by going to online stores such as eBay. In addition, another online store such as Amazon should have the Carl Lewis rowing machine.

Where might one purchase a home rowing exercise machine?

You can purchase a home rowing exercise machine online from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the website, type "Rowing machine" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the item.

Where can one purchase rowing machines?

One can purchase rowing machines online from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the page, type "rowing machine" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the machines.

Where can one purchase a Tunturi exercise bike?

There are many places where one can purchase a Tunturi exercise bike. This includes your local fitness equipment retailer, some large department stores or sites such as Amazon.

Where could one purchase a row machine for exercising?

There are a number of places one could purchase a rowing machine for exercising in the UK. On the high street Argos and John Lewis sell this type of machine. Online there are specialist exercise machine stores such as Fitness Superstore. General online site such as Amazon also stock rowing machines. Second hand models can be found on eBay.

Where can one find reviews on rowing machines?

Many catalogs or rowing magazines will contain reviews of individual rowing machines. Further, you could get a review of an individual rowing machine by going to your local gym and asking the proprietor or customers there what they think of the rowing machine used on site.

How many calories can one burn using rowing machines?

One can burn many calories using a rowing machine. Using the rowing machine vigorously can burn up to three hundred fifty calories for ten minutes or so.

How would one explain the concept of a rowing machine?

A rowing machine is a piece of gym equipment, that mimics the motions of rowing. It provides a high cardiovascular workout, as well as working a number of major muscle groups.

Where can I find a rowing machine at a store and where can I purchase one?

To have a hands-on experience with a rowing machine, you might want to try some local stores such as Sears or the Sports Authority. Once you've seen the rowers in person, you may be able to shop online for a better price, at stores such as

Which muscles can an exercise equipment rowing machine be used to strengthen?

A rowing machine is an excellent form of exercise that strengthens many key muscles and muscle groups. A few muscles that are strengthened by a rowing machine are arms, leg, stomach and one's upper and lower back.

Where can one purchase a kettler Kadett rower?

The Kettler Kadett Rower is available for purchase on Amazon. Also, sporting goods stores and other online retailers carry this rowing machine for exercisers, too.

Where can one find an exercise rowing machine?

One can find an exercise rowing machine at a variety of department stores such as Sears and sporting good stores like Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority.

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