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One may purchase a Troy Polamalu jersey from NFL Shop and Fan's Edge. A full jersey with lettering and numbering is available at both shops for the ultimate fan.

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Q: Where can one purchase a Troy Polamalu jersey?
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How many touchdowns did Troy Polamalu have in 2005?

Troy Polamalu had one fumble return for a touchdown in 2005.

Who are Troy Polamalu's siblings?

Troy Polamalu has one brother (Sakio) and three sisters (Tria, Sheila and Lupe).

Does Troy Polamalu have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, Troy Polamalu has siblings. He has one brother (Sakio) and three sisters (Tria, Sheila and Lupe).

Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers players with the first name Troy?

The one and only, Troy Polamalu.

How many interceptions has Troy Polamalu returned for touchdowns in his career?

In his career, Troy Polamalu has returned two interceptions for touchdowns in the regular season and one in the postseason.

How many Super Bowls has Troy Polamalu played in?

Troy Polamalu played in three Super Bowls, winning two (XL, XLIII) and losing one (XLV).

What are footballers surnames beginning with p?

Troy Polamalu is one.

Should you play football with long hair?

One name: Troy Polamalu.

Which professional players wear the number 43?

One is Troy Polamalu! Go Steelers!!

How do you get Troy Polamalu in Madden 11 if you are the New England Patriots?

Well for one, you go to NFL roster click Troy Polamalu from Steelers, go to trade and do the same for New England Patriots SS. Then accept trade.

What USC alum player was a 2 time Super Bowl champion?

Troy Polamalu is one of many

Which Pittsburgh Steelers players were in Coke commercials?

Joe Greene and Troy Polamalu have been in Coke commercials. Joe Greene's is one of the most remembered ads of all time, Polamalu's was a parody of it.

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