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Most sporting goods stores in ones area likely carry Jordan's sneakers as they are a popular brand. One may also wish to check the Jordan's website as well as eBay.

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Q: Where can one purchase Jordan 3 sneakers for men?
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Where can one purchase Air Jordan 12 sneakers?

You can purchase Air Jordan size 12 sneakers online through most shoe store websites such as Foot Locker. If not wanting to pay shipping costs or need to try them on, you can find these shoes in most mall shoe stores.

What can one expect to pay for a pair of Jordan sneakers?

A pair of Jordan sneakers can cost up to $190.00 on Sneakerhead's online store. There is also a pair of Jordan's for $124.99 on the Amazon Marketplace.

How many pairs of Air Jordan one sneakers were sold in 1985?


Where can one purchase Champion sneakers?

You can purchase Champion sneakers at your local Sears or Target retail store. You can also purchase a pair from the Amazon website and have them shipped directly to your house.

Where can one purchase brand name sneakers in bulk?

From wholesale suppliers

Where can an individual purchase affordable girls sneakers?

One can purchase girls sneakers for an affordable price from local department stores like Walmart or Target. One could also check out local consignment or thrift stores.

Where can one purchase Ralph Lauren sneakers?

One can purchase Ralph Lauren sneakers at one of the many stores; such as Macy's, Nordstrom, or the Ralph Lauren Outlets. The cheapest place to go would be Macy's, but if the customer has money to spend try one of the many outlets.

Where can one purchase Nike Men's Air Jordan 1 athletic shoes?

The best place where one can purchase Nike Men's Air Jordan 1 athletic shoes would be Nike's own store on their website. Their website allows free returns if a customer is not satisfied and free shipping is provided on all orders over $100.

Where can one purchase Louis Vuitton sneakers?

There are a number of places one can purchase Louis Vuitton sneakers. For the best selection, you should check out the official Louis Vuitton website. Some other retailers that sell these shoes include ShoeRazzi and eBay.

What is the price range of ECCO men's shoes?

If one chooses to purchase ECCO men's shoes from the ECCO website they range in price between 70 dollars for thongs and sneakers up to 450 dollars for the world class GTX range.

Where can one purchase Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 sneakers?

Actually there are several different options in order to purchase some great "Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 sneakers". Some examples include "Zalando", "Amazon" and "Zappos".

Where can one purchase a men's briefcase?

There are many places where one can purchase a men's briefcase. The best place to purchase a men's briefcase is at a local luggage store or briefcase store.

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