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You can play Golf at a number of locations in Ireland, the most popular locations to play golf in Ireland are Ballybunion by the historic town of Ballybunion and Waterville. Here is a list of some fo the good places to play golf in Ireland, Ballybunion, Lahinch, Portmarnock, Waterville, European Club, County Sligo, Tralee, County Louth, Ballyliffin and Rosapenna.

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Q: Where can one play golf in Ireland?
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How many people play golf in ireland?

There are thousands of people who play golf in Ireland. Many of these people are older or retired and play for fun.

Do they play golf in Ireland?

Yes. Golf is very big in Ireland. Some of the world's top players are Irish.

Where can one book Ireland gold vacations?

One can book Ireland golf vacations via a number of travel related websites. One can book through Online Golf Travel, Irish Golf Tours and Golf Vacations Ireland.

Where can one go to golf in Ireland?

There are many good golf courses in Ireland that you can play on in the classic south west they include 'Kikllarney' 'Adare' and 'Cork Golf Club', in Dublin and east the include 'The K Club' and 'Druids Glen' and in Northern Ireland there is 'Malone' and 'Belvoir Park'

What are some good destinations for an Ireland golf vacation?

The southwest coast of Ireland is the most popular among golfers, featuring the country's most visited golf course, Ballybunion. Lahinch Golf Club and Waterville coupled with Doonbeg Golf Club, Tralee Golf Club, and Old Head Golf Links make these region one of golf's "must-play treks."

Where online can one find golf stores?

For American enthusiasts, one can find golf stores online at American Golf. In Australia, one can find them at Aussie Golfer. In Northern Ireland, one can find them at Uniquely Northern Ireland.

What is pace of play in golf?

Pace of play is how quickly a round of golf is played, usually by one player, or a group.

Where do the people play golf?

They play golf at a golf coarse

What are the release dates for Destination Golf - 2005 Ireland?

Destination Golf - 2005 Ireland was released on: USA: 12 September 2011

Why do you play golf?

I play golf because it is fun.

How did golf start?

golf started in Ireland. the balls were rocks and the clubs were sticks

How many golf courses does Ireland have?


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