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Brett Favre jerseys can be purchased from a site such as eBay. Or on can visit the official Green Bay Packers site for his jersey which is on clearance.

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Q: Where can one obtain Brett Favre jerseys?
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What is the number one selling NFL team jersey?

San Diego Chargers I thought it was Dallas Cowboys? For individual jerseys, it was the Vikings' Brett Favre jersey. I thought it was Vikings this year. 4#. 28#. 69#. Then comes to Steelers. The answer,the number1 sell is vikings Brett Favre's jerse.

Where can one view videos of Brett Favre?

One can view videos of Brett Favre at many online sources. The best place to view videos of Brett Favre would be on YouTube. There is no official channel so one would just have to search.

Where can one buy an autograph of Brett Favre?

Brett Favre has own website where he sells his authographs. There are some sites that also sells Brett Favre authographs. There are some authographs that is available in different sizes.

How long did Brett Favre play for the New York Jets?

Brett Favre played with the Jets for one season then went to the Vikings

How many championship rings does Brett Favre have?


How many titles have Brett Favre won?


Brett Favre has how many Super Bowl wins?

One. Brett Favre led the Packers to victory in Super Bowl XXXI in 1996

Where might one purchase a signed Brett Favre jersey?

One might purchase a signed Brett Favre jersey from sports memorabilia websites such as 'Sportsmemorabilia' and the official website of Brett Favre. In addition to this one may be able to purchase one via online auction sites such as eBay.

Most Sacks Brett Favre had in one game?


How many super bowl rings does Brett Favre?


How many super bowl ring Brett Favre?


How long did Brett Favre play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Favre was on the Falcons roster for one season, 1991.

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