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Of course it depends in which area you are living, but there is some summer camp who offers Ballet lessons. For United States resident in Kentuky there is one called Mad Camp Music Art Dance who offer 2013 summer sessions for all ages and skills.

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Q: Where can one get Sleeping Beauty ballet lessons?
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What was the longest ballet?

It could be Sleeping Beauty because that is Tchaikovsky's longest one that he wrote but there are thousands of ballets other than the five most famous one. But all the other n ot so famous ballet are very short. some are just 10 mins so it is possible that sleeping beauty is the longest

Who composed the music for the ballet Sleeping Beauty?

Tchaikovsky, a Russian composer.Sleeping Beauty is probably one of the three best known ballet compositions. The others are Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, which are also by Tchaikovsky.

Where can one get ballet dancing lessons?

One can get ballet dancing lessons from school of art Ballet Arts. Ballet Arts is located in Westlake Village, CA 91362. One can also find more information on their website.

What are the names of the fairys of Sleeping Beauty?

The purple fairy, is called the Lilac Fairy. The yellow fairy is the canary fairy and the green fairy is called the emerald fairy. This is in the Sleeping Beauty ballet. I think there is one more fairy but do not recall the name.

What are common ballet shows?

It depends. Some shows are seasonal, such as The Nutcracker. This is played mainly around late November and all of December. Another one is Sleeping Beauty, which is NOT seasonal.

What are some song similar to Sleeping Beauty?

beauty and the beast is the number one similarity

Where can one watch Disney's Sleeping Beauty?

Sleeping Beauty, Disney's 1959 classic, can be watched on a number of websites. You can find it on FreeDisneyMovies, TubePlus, and Alluc, and many more locations.

What was arora's boyfriends name in Sleeping Beauty?

Princess Aurora's boyfriend/prince's name in sleeping beauty is Prince Philip, or Philip. He was the one who killed the dragon and kissed her to wake her up.

What are the names of songs from Sleeping Beauty at hippodrome?

One upon a dream

What is the name of the owl in sleeping beauty?

it was never named in the film! so no one knows!

What comes in the Disney Store's Sleeping Beauty costume collection?

One of the things that comes in the Disney Store's Sleeping Beauty costume collection is a dress. Another thing that comes in the collection is a pair of slippers.

Name one of the Disney Fairies?

In "The Sleeping Beauty": Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

What would you expect happens in the brain when young children take ballet lessons several times a week?

the neurons involved in the complex ballet moves will connect with one another to form neural networks

Who is 'sleeping beauty' about?

Sleeping beauty is a princess who had a spell cast on her by an evil witch. The witch said one day she will prick her finger on spinning wheel and die. One good fairy changed the curse so that Sleeping Beauty wouldn't die but go into a deep sleep. The only way to break the curse was for when she was asleep she would get kissed by true love AKA the prince. So obviously she pricks her finger, goes into a sleep, the prince kisses her and then happy ever after. One of the famous versions is the movie Sleeping beauty made by Disney. An all time classic.

What book is belle talking about in the first song of Beauty and the Beast not jack and the beanstalk the other one?

Sleeping Beauty

Who is Maleficent?

She is from the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. She is the one who puts Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) into an eternal sleep, with a prick from a poison needle on a thread spinner. She later turns into a dragon when the prince comes to wake Aurora. She's one of the first Disney villains.

Is Sleeping Beauty a Disney princess?

Yes, she is one of the main 6 ( 7 if you include the new black one)

What is Sleeping Beauty syndrome?

The closest medical analogy to Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is the "Locked-in Syndrome". The patient often cannot move (or hardly at all) for months or years, and then one day, it's over and the individual is near normal again.

What makes Sleeping Beauty fall asleep?

Sleeping Beauty is under a curse that on her sixteenth birthday she will prick her finger and fall asleep for one hundred years. When the day comes, she pricks her finger on a spinning wheel.

Who is the bad guy in the kingdom keepers Disney after dark?

The bad guy is Maleficent... The one from Sleeping Beauty...

Who is the best Disney villain?

The one from Sleeping Beauty. She is amazing. Tell me what your favorite disney villain is from on this website.

What company released the Sleeping Girls videos?

Disney released Sleeping Beauty in the 1950s to great acclaim. It is considered one of their masterpieces in animation and is still a favorite of viewers today.

What kind of ballerinas are there?

by 'ballerinas' do you mean ballet dancers? ballerina is the title given to only the princable dancer in the company. there are students who are train at a ballet academy or train as apprentices at a professional company. there are soloists, who get to play parts like the 'blue bird' in sleeping beauty which have solo dances. and there are ballerinas, ballerinos (male princables) and prima ballerina. (sometimes there are more then one ballerina in the one company so one dancer is named the prima ballerina. a great honour) hope this answered your question!

Which two sports does Chelsea Clinton enjoy?

Though not technically a sport, ballet has been one of Chelsea Clinton's passions since she started taking lessons at the age of four. In terms of sports, she actually quit soccer and softball in order to focus on ballet.

What was Sleeping Beauty's last name?

Fairy tales don't need last names, so she doesn't have one.