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The rules for the sport Lacrosse can be found on many online sites such as US Lacrosse, Dick's Sporting Goods, Wikihow, Laxpower, and Inside Lacrosse.

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Q: Where can one find the rules for the sport Lacrosse?
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What sport do Indians like?

One sport would be lacrosse

Where can one find information about Hockey fight rules?

One can find information about Hockey fight rules specifically in the United States at the website USAhockey. Alternatively one can use the website Wikipedia and search fighting in Ice Hockey. Rules for the sport usually depend on where the sport is being played, as different countries contain different rules.

Is lacrosse the main sport in Canada?

Lacrosse is one of Canada's 'main' sports- the other being Ice Hockey.

What is Liam of one directions favorite sport?

Soccer and lacrosse

Is lacrosse Canada's national sport yes or no?

Yes, but it's one of two. Canada has two national sports. The official summer sport is lacrosse, while their official winter sport is ice hockey.

What countries have lacrosse as their national sport?

Canada is one. Yet Canada has two.....Lacrosse as the summer sportIce Hockey as the winter sport

What are the national sports in Canada?

One of the first Canadian sport was invented by the Native Canadians. It was called Lacrosse. Hockey is also a Canadian sport that I believe was invented after lacrosse. It's the most popular sport in Canada.

What are some sports that begin with the letter L?

LacrosseIce skatinglacrosslongballLacrosse, at hockeyLacrosseA sport beginning with the letter L is LacrosseA sport that begins with L is Lacrosse.Lacrosselamb lickingLacrosse.Lacrosse is one sport.lacrosselugeLacrosse.Lacross LugeLacrosseLacrosseLawn bowling is a sport. It begins with the letter L.Lacrosse The Winter Olympics always features a sport where athletes ride in a luge This is a vehicle with blades instead of wheels and the athletes slide down a track made of ice.lacrosslacrosseLong jump. Long jump is a track sport in which the player runs on a narrow walkway and jumps into a sand pit. where their feet fall is where they count how far they jumped. Player with the most distance wins.LacrosseLuge usually played in winter OlympicsLacrosse

What is Canada's official Summer Sport?

Its official sport WAS lacrosse. Sorry dont know the summer one.

Is hockey Canada's national sport?

Yes, but it's not the only one. Up until 1994, Lacrosse was the only national sport. Today The National Sports of Canada Act recognizes Lacrosse as the country's national summer sport and Ice Hockey as the national winter sport.

Are the rules the same on boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse?

nooo... they are two completely different games. For one, girls lacrosse is non contact, they use different sticks, different equipment, and the overall mechanics are different

Which Oceanic countries have Top Sport shops?

Australia and New Zealand both have Top Sport shops. One can find information on the Top Sport website. They also have information about all sports including Australian rules football.

What are Canada's 2 main sports?

Lacrosse is the official national sport and hockey is the most popular one.

What information can one find on 'The FA' website?

The Football Association (FA) website has a variety of information regarding the sport of football. The website has information on the rules and regulations of the sport, as well as information on how to become a referee

What are some popular sports in Itlay?

soccer is a popular sport in italy. im pretty sure there is more but i think soccer is the main one. Lacrosse is another sport they play.

What sports did natives play?

I assume you mean what sports did Native Americans play before the arrival of Europeans. I know of one sport, and assume there were many others. One sport the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas, with which I am familiar, played was lacrosse. Visit the related link below to see a picture of a lacrosse racquet used by this tribe.

Where was hurling founded?

Hurling is an Irish field sport using a ball and stick, loosely related to sports like Hockey, Shinty and Lacrosse. References to Hurling have been found as far back as 1272BC. In 1884, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) was founded in Hayes Hotel, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. One of its roles was to formalise and promote Hurling. Since the GAA came into being Hurling has become a well organised sport with well defined rules. As in any sport its rules are occasionally changed. The GAA oversees such changes.

Where can one find information about the Buick LaCrosse?

Buick has a direct website that offers information on a 2013 Buick LaCrosse. The website feature an option where one can build their own Buick LaCrosse with many different option packages.

What is the main sport in New Brunswick?

Mostly hockey (no, seriously). We also dabble in lacrosse, basketball (Steve Nash, who plays for the Phoenix Suns, is Canadian. You're welcome), football, soccer, and baseball. We don't really have an official sport, so get out there and find one that you love!

How do you know what lacrosse stick you should get?

Well, i would recommend an "Amonte lacrosse stick" you can find those at typical lacrosse stores..... But most lacrosse sticks are good so.... i would choose one with kind of a fit pocket.

Why should lacrosse be in the Olympics?

Lacrosse is one of the oldest games in history. The sport was the training ground for centuries of warriors of the eastern Native American tribes of North America. The ancient Olympic games were born out of the training for war by the Greeks. Perhaps the question should be, why isn't Lacrosse in the Olympics?

What sports and games did the Native Americans play?

Lacrosse is one of North America's oldest sports and it's a Native American sport ...

How did lacrosse come about?

Lacrosse came about, in the 1400's. Indians created this sport, they would play for days, over many miles. They played this for exercise, for something to do other than be at war, and to see which Indian was the strongest. Since this sport is contact, you had to be very strong. If you were not strong enough, you would eventually be injured, or give up. There are nicknames for this sport, one of them being, the most common, lax.

What is the all American sport?

soccer,football,basketball, and baseball i love the world PS ;flvjs;dfkh;gh DONT FORGET LACROSSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lacrosse is actually the first sport in America, played by the NATIVE AMERICANS. it is also the fastest growing sport in America and is known as the fastest sport on two feet. In native American terms it is known as little brother of war. lacrosses' originality is American and was played by the native Americans before Christopher Columbus discovered America. lacrosse is also one of the most expensive sports. lacrosse is played proudly with honor, respect, and class (or at least that's how we role in RB).

Why did rowing come to the Olympics?

there are criteria for each sport to be an olympic sport....i don't know all of them but one is that it must be played/practised in 4 continents!! that is why lacrosse is not an olympic sport....because it is not played in 4 continents!! Anyway...rowing is an awesome sport, perhaps the best to watch in the totally deserves to be an olympic sport!!