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One may find information about the World Cup by visiting the FIFA official website. There you will find important information such as a calendar of events.

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Q: Where can one find more information about the World Cup?
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Where can someone find information on the Ireland World Cup?

An individual can find information regarding the Ireland World Cup from the Ireland World Cup Team Blog. The blog offers football news, information on the team, news from other teams in Europe, and Ireland's qualifying rounds.

Which team eliminated Nigeria from the 1974 World Cup?

Nigeria did not played in the 1974 World Cup. It was Zaire. Click on the link to your right for more information.

Where can one find more information about car cup holders?

There are many places where one could find information about car cup holders. One could try online shops such as Amazon or eBay for reviews on car cup holders.

How can you find more information about Algerian football?

Algeria may not have the strongest football team, however they did qualify for the world cup in 1982, 1986, and again in 2010. More information can be found on the Algerian Football Federations website.

What is the new ball for the World Cup?

The new World Cup ball is Jabulani, created by Аdidas. For more information you can visit the following page:

Where can one find information on rugby sevens?

Rugby Sevens information can be found on the official Rugby Football Union website. This website provides information on the rules and the key skills required to play the game. To find out about the World Cup statistics one would go to the Official Rugby World Cup site.

What will be result of indai in t20 world cup to see the practice performance?

very bad ……………. To see more information visit

What world cup team has won a world cup championship but never hosted a world cup championship?

None. All seven World Cup winning countries have also organised the tournament at least once. Most of these teams also won a World Cup at home. For more information on national team soccer, check

Which event has more viewers World Cup opening or final?

The final of the world cup will be watched more.

Which had more viewers the world cup or the 2008 summer Olympics?

It is obviously the F.I.F.A world cup which has more viewers world wide.

What is the more watched world cup or Super Bowl?

world cup by far

What is the difference betweenWorld Cup and World Cup Qualifying?

In World Cup Qualifying, over 200 teams battle for 32 (minus one spot for the hosts) spots at the actual World Cup, also known as World Cup Finals. World Cup qualifying usually starts well before the World Cup. In Oceania and South America, the first games are played when the World Cup is still three to four years away. For more information on national team soccer, check

Is Wimbledon watched by more people than the world cup?

No more people watch the world cup, then the Wimbledon.

Where can you find a list of Cricket World Cup winners?

You can find the list of world cup winners at here

What is the significance of the FIFA World Cup?

The world cup is played to find out the best country at football.

Why does the World Cup take place?

it takes place to find a team that can win the world cup

Why do people win the World Cup if its just for fun?

The world cup is to find out which country is the best.

Cricket world cup 2015 live?

We can find the live of World cup 2015 at

Does the World Cup have more watchers than the Olympics?

the olympics, world cup is second

What one is more watched world wide the super bowl or the world cup?

By far the world cup

Where the 1986 world cup held in?

It was held in Mexico.(As the banner said "Mexico '86") For more information visit Wikipedia.

Information on the Brazil winning the world cup in 1958?

The world cup was played in Sweden in 1958. Pele appeared for the first time and this is the only world cup Brazil have won in Europe,.

Where can one go find out information about the k cup?

Information about the K-Cup can be found on the Keurig website because this is the company that sells K-cup pack with brewing systems.

Where could one find more about kcup coffee?

You can find more information about K cup coffee by reading on a Folgers or Starbucks website. They both serve K Cup coffee so they know all about it and are there to inform you on why it is so special compared to regular coffee.

What is the World Cup and how old is it?

The world cup is 79 years old, it started in the year 1930 and was played in Uruguay. The idea of the world cup is to bring countries who only qualify for the world cup to find out which country is the best in the world.

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