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One may find information on the Boston Red Sox game schedule by using the official site for Major League Baseball (MLB) or the official page for the Red Sox.

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2013-07-17 06:04:04
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Q: Where can one find information on Boston Red Sox schedules?
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Location of the Boston Red Sox field?

The Boston Red Sox field, Fenway Park, is located at 4 Yawkey Way in Boston. The telephone number is 617-267-9440. You can find all the locations of all the ball parks, plus a lot more information about the teams, including rosters, schedules, etc., by going to the Major League web-site, and clicking on any team or information you desire.

Where can you find a schedule for the Boston Red Sox?

Any sporting venue will have this information. MLB Network, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated all have scheduling information. The Boston Red Sox website will also show it.

Where can one find information on Red Sox trades?

One can find information on Red Sox trades on websites like Yahoo, Bleacher Report, Over the Moster, MLB Trader Rumors, ESPN, Boston Globe or Providence Journal.

How much are the Boston Red Sox tickets?

Go to the web-site and click on the Boston Red Sox site for ticket information.

Where can one find Boston Red Sox apparel in Boston?

One can find Boston Red Sox apparel from the Yawkey Way Store. This apparel and souvenir store is located across from Fenway Park in Boston. They offer a large selection of Red Sox apparel.

Where on line can you find Boston Red Sox team roster photos?

What were the Boston Red Sox called before they were the Boston Red Sox?

Boston Red Sox were named the Boston Americans from 1901 - 1907.

How can you email the Boston Red Sox?

This is a good site to get that information:

Why was red chosen for the Boston Red Sox?

'Cause they're the Boston Red Sox.

What hotel do the Boston Red Sox stay at when in Philadelphia?

The boston red sox don't reveal where they stay, but if you are a true fan you can find out from players blogs and fans blogs. Hope this helps!! ;)

What was the name of the Boston red socks?

its called the boston red sox

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