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Ski chalets are found in ski resorts or areas dedicated to skiing. Two general types of ski chalet are catered and non-catered. Catered chalets typically cost more than non-catered due to additional services provided by the management.

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Q: Where can one find a ski chalet?
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Where might one find some luxury ski chalet rentals in Austria?

One might find some luxury ski chalet rentals in Austria from The Sebastian, Chalet Anna, Apartment Daniela. Other luxury ski chalet rentals in Austria include Obertauern, Flachau, Nassfeld, Scheffau, Solden, Gerlos and Lech

What deals can one find with a ski chalet on holidays?

The Iglu Ski website offers deals on holiday in catered ski chalets. One can request a quote on their website and see what kind of holiday deals they offer.

Where can one book a catered ski chalet?

If one is looking to book a ski vacation and would like a catered ski chalet, there are a number of options available. Some of the best sites include Neilson Holidays, Inghams and Igluski.

Where can one search online for ski chalets in France?

One can visit a variety of online sites to find ski chalets in France. For example, Chalet Finder, Neilson Holidays, Igluski, are all examples of top online resources.

What is another name for ski lodge?


What is a wooden house near a ski resort called?


Where can one find information on chalet rentals?

You can find information about chalet rentals at websites such as VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner), Fireside Chalet and Cabin Rentals, and Chalet Village. Another good website is HomeAway which has information on European home rentals.

What time is the Chalet Cafe open at McIntyre Ski Area?

The Chalet cafe operates at different hours depending on the season. Off season they openfor breakfast, and they remain open along with the ski station hours of operations.

How much is the cheapest Ski Chalet holiday in France?

The cheapest ski chalet holiday in France depends on length of stay, number of people you are going with, location and what time of year you are going. The cheapest holiday for two people in one bedroom, for two nights in January will cost between $150 and $200 a night.

What kind of website is Ski Weekends?

The website Ski Weekends is a British website that is dedicated to ski vacations. The site offers weekend and full week ski trips as well as chalet rentals and ski passes.

Where can one find reviews for Sports Chalet?

Yelp and many other sites can help you find reviews for Sports Chalet and many other places in your area. One should check it out. One can also add your own reviews.

What are the prices for ski holidays in Chalet?

The Saddlewood Chalet located in Breckenridge, Colorado charges between $995 and $1195 per night if you would like to spend your ski holiday at this location. You must stay a minimum of 5 or 6 nights, depending on the dates you choose.

Where can one find discounts on Breckenridge ski holidays?

One can find discounts on Breckenridge ski holidays online at various websites. One can find discounts on Breckenridge ski holiday discounts at Ski the Rockies, J2Ski, and the Breckenridge website.

What kinds of materials are used in making a chalet?

The chalet is generally made of wood. These houses are built in places like Alpine for summer or vacation dwelling, mostly near a ski hill.

How can one book a sport chalet?

First one must find the sports chalet that they wish to use and then either phone the company/owner or if there is a form online then complete this and send it off.

Where can one find more information about Ski Austria?

One can find more information about Ski Austria on the 'Ski-Austria' website. They have information about ski resorts all over Austria and advice on when is the best time of year to visit.

What type of service are provided by Crystal Ski?

Crystal Ski provide vacation booking services. They help one find a ski holiday and provide expertise in that area. One can find ski holidays in the United States and Europe.

What do you call a wooden home near a ski resort?

A cabin? More often a chalet. In Canada anyways.

Where can one find ski chalets in France?

A good place to start would be Maximumski. They are one of the leading online agencies to help you find the best ski chalets in many ski resorts in France.

Why did wood mountain ski area close?

Wood mountain ski park closed in 1999 following extreme snowfall causing the roof of the day lodge to collapse. A few bad seasons prior to this resulted in a lack of money to replace the chalet, so it closed. Shortly afterwards what was left of the chalet was arsoned, and has been left that way since.

Where can one find information regarding ski racing?

An individual can find information regarding ski racing on the Internet, or they can read a magazine about it. They can also go to a ski store and possibly get a pamphlet with information regarding ski racing.

How can you view and book Chamonix catered ski chalet accommodation or self catered apartments or hotels on your mobile phone?

use - it's the local Chamonix ski snowboard snow forecast and ski resort guide which is free and works on all mobile phones

Where can one find a Verbier Ski Resort in USA?

Someone can find a Verbier ski resort in the USA by visiting the Expedia website. The website has a large selection of ski resorts located in the USA. Visitors can find a Verbier ski resort from multiple states in the USA.

Where can one find cheap prices for ski resorts in Colorado?

One can find cheap prices for ski resorts in Colorado on reviews from sites such as Yahoo!. Wikipedia provides a list of ski resorts in Colorado through which one can compare prices himself or herself.

Where can one find information on ski jumping?

One can find information on ski jumping by going to the city's downtown area and finding an Information Center. At most information centers, there will be a map or brochures full of attractions, such as ski jumping.