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A person can find a complete history of the football games AC Milan vs Inter online. Some websites that offer the complete history of these games include Wikipedia and ESPN FC.

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Q: Where can one find a complete history of the football games AC Milan vs Inter?
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Why do they call the football team inter Milan?

Because Inter originated from Milan

Which Football clubs share the same home turf 'San Siro'?

Milan and Inter (or if you prefer AC Milan and Inter Milan).

What is the difference in real football between Milan?

Milan-AC Milan,Milano-Inter

Who is the owner of inter- Milan football club?

The current owner of Inter Milan is Massimo Moratti, who is also the president.

Who is the main rival of Milan?

Inter milan and a.c milan the two football teams in milan are rivals

What football teams have never been relegated?

Both Inter Milan and Arsenal have never ever been relegated in their history.

Is inter Milan from the UK?

No, Inter Milan or to give them their full name, Football Club Internazionale Milano are from Milan, Italy.

Which football team play at san siro?

AC Milan and Inter Milan.

How many football teams is there in Milan?

There are mainly two big clubs in Milan. They are A.c.Milan and Inter Milan.

What is the most popular football team in Italy?

AC Milan and Inter Milan are the two main football teams in Italy

Is inter Milan a football team from the north of Italy?

Yes, from Milan, Italt\y.

What are top two football clubs in Italy?

Ac Milan and Inter Milan/ Juventus

Where can one find more information on the Inter Milan Football club?

One can find information on the Inter Milan Football Club on many websites. Those websites include, but are not limited to the official website, Wikipedia and Football Break.

Five football players with 5 champion league clubs?

Ronaldo- PSV, Barcalona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, AC Milan. Edgar Davids- inter Milan, juventus, ac milan, barcalona, ajax.

Do ac Milan share a football ground with inter Milan?

Yes - the clubs share use of the San Siro Stadium in Milan

What is Katy Perrys favorite football team?

she likes Inter Milan

European football team with the letters --t-r?

Inter Milan

What team starts with i?

Inter milan if its a football team you're asking

Which Italian football club has a cricket heritage?

Actually A.C. Milan was started by two English man, later Inter Milan joint in as they separated in 1909 . Please note A.C. Milan and Inter Milan are spelled the English way, and not the Italian way Milano.

Which 2 Italian football teams share a home ground?

Inter Milan and AC Milan both share the San Siro.

Are inter and inter Milan different?

No, it is just quicker to say Inter than Inter Milan.

What country does inter milan play football in?

They play in Serie A, the top league in Italy.

Where did Adriano played?

Adriano plays for the Italian football team called Inter Milan.

Is there a football team beginning with i?

Yes there are teams with I , Inter Milan, Ipswich are the few teams.

Is Barcelona better than inter-milan?

never in the history of football.because inter has won more titles than barcelona