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One can find Providence Bruins on the ice in Providence, Rhode Island. They are an Ice Hockey team in the American Hockey League. They were founded in 1977 and their home arena is the Dunkin Donuts Center located in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Q: Where can one find Providence Bruins?
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What is the name for Providence hockey team?

Providence Bruins

What is the AHL affiliate for the bruins?

Providence Bruins (in Rhode Island)

Who is the Boston bruins ahl team?

Providence Bruins (Rhode Island)

What is the name of boston's farm team?

Providence Bruins

Who is number 23 on the providence bruins?

Blake Parlett

Who wore number 20 for the providence bruins?

mike johnson

What are the Boston bruins minor league affiliates?

AHL - Providence (RI) Bruins ECHL - Johnstown (PA) Chiefs

What team is Steve macintyre on in nhl 09?

providence bruins in the AHL

Who are the owners of the providence bruins hockey team?

H. Larue Renfroe

Where can one find a schedule for Bruins games?

One can find the Boston Bruins schedule at the team's official website. Alternatively, it is also possible to find the team's schedule on the ESPN website.

Did Tim Thomas play AHL?

Yes he did, with the Hamilton Bulldogs and with the Providence Bruins.

Where might one go online to find the Boston Bruins Schedule?

One can check the Boston Bruins official website online to find their schedule. One of the tabs on the webpage is labeled "Schedule" and a full season schedule can be viewed there.

What is the current salary of providence bruins player?

they make 40 bucks a game and get free hot dogs on tuesdays.

What are rhode islands sports teams?

The Pawtucket Red Sox is one of Rhode Island's sports teams. They are known locally as the Pawsox. The Providence Bruins is another Rhode Island sports team.

Where can one find a list of jobs in Providence?

There are many possible locations one can go when looking to find a job in Providence. In addition to a local employment office, one might also try searching the Monster website.

What is the current salary of Providence Bruins players?

Anywhere between $550,000 - $1,000,000 depending on their individual skill levels and veteran status.

How can someone find out more information about the Boston Bruins?

The Boston Bruins are a professional Hockey Team. The team website is a great place to find more information about them as is Wikipedia. Another good source of information about the Bruins as well as other hockey teams is the local library.

Where can one buy Boston bruins tickets?

"You can buy a boston bruins ticket at the sport center in boston, as well as on-line at the boston bruins web-site."

How much would a signed providence bruins goalie picture be worth?

Completely depends on the goalie. Like all sports memorabilia price depends on the rarity of the item, market for the item, and if you can verify it is real.

What are the names of the Bruins players?

I would suggest you Google Boston Bruins, look up their website or any good hockey site, and should find the roster for the team.

Where can one obtain wallpapers with Bruins Logo?

There are several places to obtains wallpapers with the Bruins Logo depending on the device it is for. If it is for a Windows or Mac, the wallpapers are available from the Bruins website. If it is for a smartphone, there are wallpapers available in the app markets.

What is the mileage between Salem and Providence?

The one in Massachusetts is 70 miles from Providence.

What are facts about the providence Toronto?

There is only one fact about the "providence" of Toronto: there is no such thing.

Who is the tallest player ever to play for the Boston Bruins?

One would have to check the roster of every Bruins' team since its inception, but I think it's safe to say that no one as tall as Zdeno Chara has ever played for the Bruins. that is correct and he is the tallest in NHL history as well.

What is the song played in the NESN Bruins commercial?

The Bruins, The Bruins, What