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You can find Chelsea stadium when you go to Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road in London. You can buy the London Pass and it will take you to a tour of Chelsea Stadium.

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Q: Where can one find Chelsea stadium?
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In which London Stadium to Chelsea play their home football matches?

In which London Stadium to Chelsea play their home football matches? In which London Stadium to Chelsea play their home football matches? In which London Stadium to Chelsea play their home football matches?

What songs are played at Twickenham Stadium when points are scored?

I know one is The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger intro I know one is The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger intro

Where might one find out about the Chelsea fixtures?

One can find out about the Chelsea fixtures by visiting their official website at Chelsea FC. It has all the information about the team as well as the fixtures and results.

What stadium is stamford bridge?


How big is Chelsea stadium?


How many seats are there at Chelsea stadium?


Is stamford bridge chelsea's stadium?


What is the stadium of Chelsea called?

Stamford Bridge.

What is the stadium of the football team Chelsea?

stamford bridge

Where could one find videos of the Chelsea football club?

The Chelsea Football Club's official website and YouTube are two of the best places to find videos of Chelsea. The Mirror and FootballFilter websites also offer videos of Chelsea.

How far is Chelsea from Yankee Stadium?

i wish them to win the game.

How old is chelsea stadium?

The stadium at Stamford Bridge was first built in 1877, but underwent complete renovation in the 1990's.

Which two teams played at both wembly and millennium stadium in the same year?

Bristol Rovers and Chelsea Bristol Rovers and Chelsea

The Chelsea Song is for what football team?

The Chelsea Sing is for the Chelsea FC team. One can find the lyrics to this song at popular on the web sources such as A to Z Lyrics and Metro Lyrics.

Where is the iron chef kitchen stadium?

Chelsea Market in New York City

Where do chealse play?

When Chelsea are at home they play in their home stadium Stanford Bridge!

Where can one find more information about Old Trafford Stadium?

As Old Trafford is the home to the soccer club Manchester United, one can find a plethora of information about the stadium on Manchester United's official website. On the site, one can take a virtual tour of the stadium as well as read about its history.

Where can one find information on Barcelona versus Chelsea?

By visiting the guardian's website from the UK, one can find a complete run through of everything that occurred in the Chelsea v Barcelona game. One could also archive the sports section of a newspaper or magazine.

What football club has played the most times at wembley stadium and never lost?


Where can someone find Chelsea pictures?

You can find pictures of Chelsea on the Chelsea official website and Google Images. You should also visit Deviant Art for semi-professional photographs of Chelsea.

Where can one find Chelsea tickets for purchase?

There are many websites online that people can purchase Chelsea tickets from. Some of those websites include directly from Chelsea Football Club or from Fanpop and World Ticket Shop.

What was the first official game at the new Wembley Stadium?

It was the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United on 19th May 2007. Chelsea won 1-0 :(

Where can one find a Doncaster Rover?

The Doncaster Rovers FC are an English football (soccer) team founded in 1879. You can find them in Doncaster. Their home stadium is the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster.

Is there a saint with the name Chelsea?

I can find no saint named Chelsea.

In what stadium does Chelsea play football?

Downie Arena Stamford Bridge?? By any chance?