Is Chelsea good or bad

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Chelsea are a good club. only age is catching up with the players.

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Q: Is Chelsea good or bad
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Is Chelsea fc a good football team?

Chelsea fc are the best football team in the world. "MON THE CHELSEA"

Why are Chelsea doing so bad this season?

they are just rubbish!

Are Chelsea the best in premier league?

Yes Chelsea are a very good and strong team.

What does the chelsea building society do for the city of Chelsea?

The Chelsea building has done a good bit of helping the city Chelsea by drawing in revenue. This society was able to loan money and have built on that principle.

Is Tierney Lukeman good at singing?

From Chelsea

Is Torres good at Chelsea?

At the beginning of his career with chelsea he did not have enough confidence. Now on the end of his second season with chelsea he is playing very good. Today 29-4-12 he made his first hat-trick with chelsea against QPR. I think he just needs to play a lot.

Are Chelsea football club the best team in the premier league?

Both Manchester United and Chelsea are equally good.

What are good twitter names for Chelsea?


How do you know if you are good at singing?

your a good singer if you sing like Chelsea and abby

What football team is Chelsea?

Chelsea is one of the best soccer teams in the world which has really good players such as: ivanovic and drogba.

Will Carlo ancholotti be a good manager for Chelsea?

yes i think he will be because he has good potential