Where can one buy bats by DeMarini?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Aside from the obvious online options such as eBay and Amazon, a DeMarini softball bat can easily be purchased from specialized stores such as "Justbats." and some (but not all) general sporting-goods stores.

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You can buy bats by DeMarini online from the Dick's Sporting Goods and Eastbay websites. Alternatively, you can buy these bats from retailers such as Amazon.

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Q: Where can one buy bats by DeMarini?
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Is the demarini better than than the cf5?

Demarini is a brand of bats and CF5 is one of there newest composite bats.

What is the best baseball bat you can get?

for metal bats, I think Demarini is the best

Do big barrel double wall baseball bats exist?

demarini f3 is the only one ive heard of, and it warrants researching.

Recommended 2009 adult baseball bats?

Easton V12 or Demarini CF3

When was DeMarini created?

DeMarini was created in 1989.

Can you give me the names of the best fast pitch bats and weight?

we use Demarini and love them, my daughter is tall and uses at 34" drop 10

What is the most popular fastpitch bat?

There are plenty of good,popular softball bats like DeMarini,Easton Synergy,or Mizuno Tech-fire

Can you get demarini j2 slow pitch in 30 oz?

Yes you can get a J2 in 30 oz. If it helps in your search for one the Demarini product number for a 30 oz J2 is NTU 3034-9.

Is the Demarini Voodoo Bat a composite bat?

The 2009 Demarini Vendetta is a composite bat. They were going to make all composite bats for 2011 Illegal but they didn't fallow through with the rule. This bat is legal to use in 2011 but in 2012 it may be illegal because it's a composite bat.

What is the best type of baseball bat?

The Demarini CF3. The Demarini CF3. Umm, no. Easton Stealth is the best selling. It has come in many models over the years. Check out for some quality information on baseball bat reviews.

Is the demarini creature a good bat?

worse demarini bat ever the vexxum and voodoo will kill it any day

How much is a demarini bat?

The price of a Demarini bat varies by the type and barrel size. The average Demarini bat probalbly costs around $200-250.