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One can purchase an authentic NFL jersey at many online sites such as "NFLshop", or physical stores such as Walmart. These jerseys can be purchased with the actual NFL player's name.

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Q: Where can one buy an authentic NFL jersey?
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Where can one purchase an authentic NFL jersey?

There are many sports stores and websites where someone can buy an authentic NFL jersey. Some of these stores include Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority.

Where can one go to buy an authentic signed NFL jersey?

To purchase an authentic signed NFL jersey, one can go online to Sports Memorabilia website. They not only sell NFL autographed jerseys, but other sports items as well.

How much does a NFL football jersey cost?

$80+ for an authentic one

What size NFL authentic jersey to get?

Get one size bigger than your t-shirt size.

Where can one purchase an authentic New York Rangers jersey?

One can purchase an authentic New York Rangers jersey from the official NHL online store. They are also available to buy online from both eBay and Amazon.

What should you look for in authentic NFL jerseys?

An authentic jersey is made of high quality materials, and is constructed differently than reproduction jerseys. One of the best indicators are the numbers. On an authentic jersey, the numbers are sewn on, not silk screened or printed on the jersey material. The nameplate is also sewn on, like the numbers. The jersey material is heavy weight, unlike the reproduction jersey material, which is light weight.

Can one buy a Peyton Manning jersey in the NFL Store?

Buy your new Blue Peyton Manning NFL Replica Team Color Jersey ... Thank you for visiting NFL Shop store. If you need assistance Buy your new Blue Peyton Manning NFL Replica Team Color

How much does a football jersey cost?

$80+ for an authentic one.

Where can one find youth NFL jerseys for sale?

The National Football League sells authentic NFL jerseys on their website. That is the best place to by a NFL jersey. Other sites may sell counterfeit, low quality jerseys.

Where are some good places online to buy authentic jerseys?

There are many places one could buy authentic sports jerseys. One could try stores like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. One could also contact official sports organizations like the NBA or NFL.

Where can one buy Dallas Cowboys jerseys online?

There are a variety of different places that offer Dallas Cowboy jerseys. The most reliable and authentic NFL jerseys come from the NFL website, NFLshop.

Where can one buy Jets football jersey shirts?

I just found this site and bought one, the jersey is wonderful. the site is bestsoccerstore.

Where can one buy a Buffalo Bills jersey?

The first option that comes up when researching where one can find a Buffalo Bills jersey is the official NFL Shop. One can get a customized jersey to wear to a big game. Another option for buying a Buffalo Bills jersey would be from Nike. Nike has the latest jersey collection, as they took over the making of official NFL fan gear.

Where could one purchase an Oakland Raiders jersey?

Oakland Raiders is an American Football team from Oakland. You should be able to buy a jersey from their fan agency or any local NFL shop. Alternatively you can go to one of their games and buy one from there.

Where can one buy a Polamulu jersey?

Polamu jersey can be difficult to find in UK, however eBay offers some of this jerseys for sale. This jersey can be also find in sport shops such as Nike and NFL shop Europe.

Where can one buy a New York Giants jersey?

Some places where one can buy a New York Giants jersey online would include Football Fanatics, the NFL Shop, and also at the Sports Authority. One would also be able to purchase the jersey either online or in-store at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Where can one purchase authentic NFL jerseys online?

The ESPN and Online Sports websites are two sources of authentic NFL jerseys. They are also available from Sports Memorabilia, Idata Sports and Fans Edge.

What Indianapolis Colts player wears?

They wear jerseys. If you want a similar one, get an authentic jersey.

What is the number one selling NFL jersey?

brett farve

Where can one purchase an authentic Pro Bowl jersey?

One can purchase Pro Bowl jerseys on the official NFL website. There are several offers to sell them on eBay however many are fakes and the prices are too low to be the genuine article.

Where can a person find authentic NCAA basketball jerseys?

Authentic NCAA basketball jerseys can be found at retail sports outlets and online. The NBA has a retail outlet that sells authentic jerseys. To ensure the jersey is authentic and not a cheap copy, one should ensure that the names and numbers are sewn onto the jersey and not screen printed. An authentic jersey will only have the NBA logo sewn on the shoulder, it will not display a company name, like reebok or nike.

What is the number one NFL jersey?

Right now it is Tim Tebow.

What is the difference between NFL Jersey and Replica Jersey and is the replica stitched?

NFL Jerseys and "replica" jerseys are both manufactured by REEBOK or other licensed manufacturers. NFL jerseys are usually NYLON for wear/tear purposes....while most replica's are polyester.NFL jerseys (and college too) are most always decorated with sewn tackle twill fabric. While replica jerseys are most always screen printed. REPLICAS are a lot less expensive.If you have questions or wish to purchase youth replica jerseys please visit or call 866.496.4327. They will answer any other questions.AnswerNFL Jerseys are known as authentic jerseys or game worn jerseys. These jerseys have sewn on name and number. These are identical to the jerseys the players wear in the games.Replica jerseys are a cheaper version. Instead of sewn on name and numbers, they are painted on. If you want something in between, you might consider an NFL Premier Jersey as it looks extremely similar to the authentic jersey, but it is considerably cheaper.- - - - -There is a difference between an "authentic" jersey and a "game worn" one.An "authentic" jersey is one identical to the ones the players wear in games, as stated above. These (for baseball, at least) run between $200 and $400 depending on the player - a Felix Hernandez or Ichiro jersey is more expensive than a Hector Rondon one. If you buy an authentic jersey it's new and comes straight from the same sewing machine at Majestic that made your favorite player's uniform.A "game worn" jersey was worn by a player in a game, and depending on a lot of things - which team, which player and the game it was worn in - these can cost thousands of dollars.

Where can one buy authentic coach bags?

When one tries to purchase an authentic coach bag, one should look at the leather patch inside. There one finds a code. If the code contains an F it's factory made and thus not authentic.

Where can one buy Vans authentic shoes?

There are various stores that one can buy or purchase Vans authentic shoes. Amazon is one of the stores that one can obtain these shoes. The official website of Vans also allows interested buyers to make their purchases.