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Check on the Ohio State football website if there is one, or try a library.

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Q: Where can find past football rosters for Ohio State?
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Where can you find Ohio State football rosters from 1972 and 1973?

Click on the '1972 Ohio State roster' and '1973 Ohio State roster' links below to see the players and coaches on those two squads.

Where can you find past football rosters for Colorado state university?

john chambers

Where can you find the 1968 Ohio State Football roster?

The 1968 Ohio State Buckeyes Roster

Where can you find past football rosters for Sam Houston State University?

Call their sports information director.

Where can I find the Ohio State football roster from 1992?

where can i find the 1992 roster

Where can you find past rosters for OU football?

Where can you find the 1996 Ohio state football roster?

Where can you find the 1995 Ohio state buckeyes basketball team roster on the web?

You can find Buckeys team rosters dating back to 1990 on

Where can you find the 1992 Alabama football roster? has all the rosters for Alabama football.

Where can you find a 1998 Penn state football roster? are Penn State football rosters, stats, depth charts, etc. on this site from the 1950's to present.

How can you find university of Minnesota football rosters for 1940-1950?

University of minnesota football roster 1954

How can you find old Michigan state basketball rosters?

You can't.

Where can you find the 1999 Ohio State Football roster?

go to ohio state's sports website and go to roster there it should give you options on what year you want to go to

Where can you find 1980 football team rosters or team photos from rice university?

Where can you find a rooter for the 1981 New England Patriots?

The Pro Football Reference website and the Football Database have full rosters.

Where can you find ncaa college football 2008-2009 team rosters?

Most all NCAA Football teams have official sites that list the rosters of current players as well as rosters from years prior. It is often easier and more efficient to visit larger websites that list the rosters for all of the teams collectively, such as

Where can you find a roster for the 1983 Ohio state football team?

2006 Heisman trophy winner troy smith.

Where can you find the 1989 Ohio State football roster?

My husband use to play football for Ohio state years ago. I was wondering where I could find some information for the the years he was there. 1989-1992. I am looking for pictures, articles, stats, or any other kind of information for those years.

How can you find the college football rosters from Indiana colleges with football teams from 1930 to 1939?

I think you can contact the collage and ask for the information and they can then send it to you..

Where can you find the names of the players from the 2006 Ohio State football team?

Is there a good website to find rosters of football teams from the 1960s and 1970s?

Click on the 'NFL Rosters from 1920' link on this page to see NFL roster data starting from the 1920 season.

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At the Ohio state maps .com

When did they find Ohio?

Robert Clevelier found Ohio state in 1669.

Where can you find University of Virginia football rosters?

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