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There are many places a person could find rules for field hockey. For instance, a person may check out a book from the local library which describes the rules and play of Field Hockey. Additionally, a person may check with the websites called Field Hockey ISport and NFHS Field Hockey. Both websites offer information on the rules of field hockey.

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Q: Where can a person find rules for field hockey?
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One can find information about Hockey fight rules specifically in the United States at the website USAhockey. Alternatively one can use the website Wikipedia and search fighting in Ice Hockey. Rules for the sport usually depend on where the sport is being played, as different countries contain different rules.

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Is there a Field Hockey Social Networking Community Website on the web?

There is one that is being developed at the moment called hockeyaddict and will be launching soon visit the link to find out more. They also have a facebook group which you can join via the link too. NE14HOCKEY has been on line for 2 seasons covering mainly the UK but expanding to cover the entire globe from Argentina to Australia. They also have a facebook application. just started up. They have a field hockey group, sledge hockey and ice hockey.