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There are many places a person could find rules for field hockey. For instance, a person may check out a book from the local library which describes the rules and play of Field Hockey. Additionally, a person may check with the websites called Field Hockey ISport and NFHS Field Hockey. Both websites offer information on the rules of field hockey.

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Q: Where can a person find rules for field hockey?
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What are the rules of field hockey?

Answer: Field Hockey rules are complex, as you can imagine, all sports are. For a full breakdown of the rules and how they came about please visit the Field Hockey Governing Body website (FIH) The link below will take you to the FIH Websites dedicated rules page, there you may find various documents which will help you better understand the rules of field hockey.

What is the best field hockey stick for a forward?

There are many brands of field hockey sticks but some are given below. STX Carba100 Senior Composite Field Hockey Stick STX C-103 Adult Composite Field Hockey Stick STX 361 Composite Field Hockey Stick Grays GX5000 Composite Field Hockey Stick Or you can find sticks from the link in the related links.

Where can one find information about Hockey fight rules?

One can find information about Hockey fight rules specifically in the United States at the website USAhockey. Alternatively one can use the website Wikipedia and search fighting in Ice Hockey. Rules for the sport usually depend on where the sport is being played, as different countries contain different rules.

What are the Rules and regulations of the track and field events?

The rules of track and field will vary. There are the rules your school sets forth, your conference, and your state. You can usually find these rules online or by contacting your athletic coordinator.

Why is field hockey not very well liked?

Mainly because it is a very unpopular sport. Not many players to play the game, but I as well as others find it entertaining. :) It all depends on the type of person you are.

Rules of hockey?

There are many different rules in hockey and to list and explain them all would just be far to hard to understand and it would also be a total waste of time. My advice to you would be to visit many hockey website or google the rules of hockey and that shoudl explain them in a much less complicated form than giving you the answer here. If you can't find what you excactly want on the computer try asking around or go to many of the various hockey clubs there are around and the will definatly be able to help you.

Where can one find rules for driver safety?

A person can find rules for driver safety at a driving school or online. Some online sites that have rules for driver safety include Nationwide and Progressive.

Where can you find a hockey mask?

You can usally find a hockey mask anywhere eguipment is sold.

Who Rules Peru?

the person who rules Peru is yet not to be told or is it not scroll down to find out keeep going your neeerly there i don't no my self!!!!

What year was hockey introduced to New Zealand?

Not Sure when it was introduced but field hockey was first played internationally by New Zealand in 1935 I think you'll find that NZ played Aussie in 1922 and that we won.

What was used as the first hockey puck?

A ball... The original game of hockey was played in Kingston Ontario Canada by British Troops and was played with field hockey sticks and a Ball, as the game developed I presume that it wasnt practical to play with a ball and then a puck was invented... the first referrence i can find is 1876

Where can you find a boomerang?

in a hockey stadium

Where can a person find the community transit rules and regulations?

One can find the community transit rules and regulations on the website for the local community's transportation authority. The website will typically include any rules or regulations for transit within the individual city or state.

What are the rules and regulations in the laboratory?

To find out what the rules and regulations in the lab, you have to type in Wikianswers 'You want to know the worlds most famous person?' I have written all about this one...

Where could you find a Bauer one95 mini hockey stick?

at aaa hockey tournaments

Where can one find information on student loan consolidation rules?

A person can find information on student loan consolidation rules from several different places. Some of these places include Federal Student Aid and FinAid.

Where can one find a Fantasy Hockey team?

One can find a fantasy Hockey team on sports websites or the major TV networks that cover hockey. ESPN offer fantasy hockey where you can choose a team and compete against others.

Where can one find out about ice hockey equipment?

One can find out about ice hockey equipment on the website Wikipedia. There is also a great article on ice hockey and the equipment that is used on the official Olympics website.

Where can one find information regarding Australian rules for football?

Australian rules football is a game played by two teams each comprising 18 players. The field of play is oval in shape, as is the ball. Information about Australian rules football can be found on Wikipedia.

Is there a Field Hockey Social Networking Community Website on the web?

There is one that is being developed at the moment called hockeyaddict and will be launching soon visit the link to find out more. They also have a facebook group which you can join via the link too. NE14HOCKEY has been on line for 2 seasons covering mainly the UK but expanding to cover the entire globe from Argentina to Australia. They also have a facebook application. just started up. They have a field hockey group, sledge hockey and ice hockey.

Where can a person buy used equipment for hockey?

Online auctions are very good terms for searching for any used merchandise of any sort. You might find Franks hockey house to be a very helpful solution in your search.

Where can one find the latest hockey news online?

To find the latest hockey news online, one could go to a specialized hockey news site such as 'The Hockey News' or a general sports website such as 'ESPN', which has it's own NHL section.

How can you play field hockey left-handed as there are no legal left-handed sticks?

There are a lot of left-handed players in the world including internationals who play with regulation hockey sticks. With a little practice and getting used to the skills you will find that a lot of the skill involved in field hockey uses the left hand more than the right in hockey. For example, the Indian dribble uses the left hand to turn the sticks face from left to right when dribbling. When controling the ball you will find that much of the work is done by the left hand at the top of the stick, and the right hand is really just for support and stabilising the stick.

Where can I find Hockey skates?

There are many locations where you can find hockey skates. Some places like Big 5 that sell sporting goods may sell hockey skates and also check online.

Where to find a field mouse?

in a field :)