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You can watch the match on YouTube, by following the link below.

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Q: Where can I watch the 2012 'Royal Rumble' match Online?
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How do you watch the Royal Rumble free?

Go online to the related link. It will take you to the second link. Then type in Royal Rumble and the year you would like to watch.

Where can you watch the Royal Rumble online?

youtube like its grezzy Try as well

How can you watch the 2009 royal rumble on the internet?

dude just go to youtube see the royal rumble

Where can you watch WWE royal rumble?

some on youtube

Free online ppv royal rumble 2009?

there should be free online ppv because us wrestling nerds wanna watch it without paying a fortune

How much money does royal rumble cost to watch?

$9.99 with the wwe network

What channel can you watch the WWE royal rumble on?

on cable you can either watch it on demand or the wrestling channel or channel 38

Where can you watch royal rumble 2009 reruns?

you can see it on show cinema but only for today

Where Can You Watch Royal Rumble Videos?

on veoh tec wwespot is a nice website though

Where on the Internet can you watch Royal Rumble 2009?

Don't know about 2009. But have many other events of 2009 and 2008 on their website. Also they are showing Royal Rumble 2011 on their website.

What channel is WWE Royal Rumble on?

WWE Royal Rumble is a PPV (pay-per view), so you have to purchase it before you can watch it. You can find info about buying upcoming PPVs on

Where can you watch WWE royal rumble 2012 online?

Legally - Nowhere. WWE Events are copyrighted and hence any copies that may be posted in online sites like youtube will be taken down by the WWE as soon as they find out. The only legal way would be to borrow or buy a copy of WWE's original 2012 royal rumble DVD. You can do it online in WWE's website or other online shopping sites.

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