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Google images

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Q: Where can I find a photo of Kevin Garnett's wife?
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What happened to Otis Williams wife of the Temptations.

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Kevin Jonas is married and no his wife is not pregnant.

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Kevin Rudd's wife is Therese Rein. She was born in 1959.

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It's Kevin Jonas, not Jones. And Danielle is not Kevin's girlfriend anymore. She's Kevin's wife! The picture you can find from Google.

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Jason earl is not married!!!!

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No, Kevin Durant is not married.

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KG has a wife.

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Kevin Jonas's wife' name is Danielle Deleasa.

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Kevin Jonas wife is Danielle Deleasa. He got marry to her on Saturday (December 19,2009)

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no he does not

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Kevin's wife is pregnant with their first child

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Yes he does has a wife and her name is Brandi Padilla.

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