Where can I buy a putting green online?

Updated: 9/11/2019
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"Action Putting Greens" has a website at They sell many artificial-style greens and offer free samples before you buy.

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Q: Where can I buy a putting green online?
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Where can one purchase a golf putting green?

There are several options available when you wish to purchase a portable putting green. Locally, The Home Depot sells indoor practice putting greens. Online you can purchase an indoor putting green from Amazon or eBay. For a large green, a specialty company such as Putters Edge can be contacted.

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A backyard putting green can be found online at American Turf and Carpet, Birdie Ball, Grass Forever, Backyard Putting Greens, and Turf Avenue. A specialty store may also carry this item.

What is a website that sells portable putting greens?

Yes, you can go to to find portable putting greens. You can also check out to buy a used putting green for even cheaper.

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