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I don't think you can! I am sorry! I have researched this also! Burton is too quality! But it's worth the quality! But is sometimes over-priced

You can buy from I have bought my sport shoe from this site, it is amazing!!

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Q: Where can I buy Burton snowboards products in china?
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Where can one buy Burton Mission snowboards?

Burton Mission snowboards can be purchased from a number of retailers. These include Dog Funk, Sport Chalet, Bahnhof Sport, Christy Sport, REI and eBay.

What are Burton snowboards made of?

A carbon fiber that is weaved tightly that tightens over time

Are riva snowboards good or bad?

Ride snowboards are good quality boards (i had one last year... DH) and its a great snowboard but i tryed a friends Burton love and it liked the feeling of it alot better. I would recommend ride snowboard but look around before you buy

Where can one purchase Burton Cartel bindings?

Burton Cartel bindings can be brought from many different winter sport stores depending on where you're located. You can buy them online as well from retailers such as We love burton snowboards, We love mountains, Blue Tomato Online and there are even some eBay shops selling them.

Where does China export its products to?

China exports all over the world... There is no limit to where they limit their products to. You will find that a majority of the products you buy today are 'Made in China'.

What are two good that can be considered substitutes?

Snowboards , Coke & Pepsi

Where can you buy a snowboarrd?

A lot of sport shops carry snowboards. I have seen a lot of snowboards at Dicks sporting goods.

What website do you buy finger snowboards at?

on eBay u dumbasses

Where do they sell Tech Deck snowboards?

go online on google and just type tech deck snowboards cheap and u cud buy them online

How do you make snowboards bend easier?

Buy a more flexible board.

Where can you buy products NOT Made In China?

Go to Whole Foods or some high class place that doesn't sell made in China products. Robert Patti

Where can one buy kids snowboards?

Snowboarding has become a popular winter experience for kids and teens of all ages. One can buy kids snowboards online at a number of websites including Amazon, eBay and Target.