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One is able to find information about PBA Bowling when one goes to the official website of PBA. On this website, one can find information like schedules of the World Series, rankings and scores, etc.

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Q: Where are you able to find information about pba bowling?
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What is the PBA?

the Professional Bowling Association.

What does PBA stand for?

professional bowling association

What is the highest bowling average in the PBA?


What are the two professional bowling associations?

Usbc, pba

Youngest bowler in a bowling Tournament?

Sean rash in the PBA

Who won the pba bowling viper turnament in 2011?

jason belmonite

What is the name of the top bowling association?

The PBA (Professional Bowlers Association)

When was the PBA created?

The PBA was formed in 1958 and it's headquarters is in Seattle, WA. It is the main sanctioning body for profession ten pin bowling. There are many members from all over the world.You can find more info at:

When will bowling be on television?

ESPN announced a 5 year agreement with the Professional Bowlers Association to increase previous coverage of the PBA Tour and the PBA League from 25.2 hours per year to 36. The deal becomes effective with the 2013 World Series of Bowling, which will debut on ESPN on Sunday, December 1, 2013. You can typically find bowling on ESPN or ESPN2 on Saturdays or Sundays.

What professional bowler has the most titles in bowling?

Earl Anthony has the most PBA Major Titles for career at 10. John Handegard has most Senior PBA titles at 14.

How does professional bowling work?

To join the Professional Bowler Association, the following is required:A 200 average or better for the most recent league season with at least 36 games in that league.A 190 average or better in a sanctioned USBC Sport Bowling League. This is a league certified by the USBC using the PBA patterns. You can find out if there are sports leagues near you by contacting the USBC at (800) 514-BOWL (2695).Cashing in a PBA Regional tournament as a non-member.Be a member of the WTBA (International members only).There are regional PBA tournaments as well as national PBA tournaments that can be entered.

When was the PBA basketball team founded?

The PBA, or Philippine Basketball Association, consists of nine basketball teams. It was founded in 1979. For more information about PBA, check out their official website.

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