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The only ones I know of are at Humboldt Park and Mozart Park.

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Q: Where are the softball leagues for woman in Chicago?
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Are there major leagues in softball?

there is pro softball!

What are the relationships between softball and recreational leagues?

in most towns softball is run by the recreational leaugue

What year was the first woman's softball team formed?

The first women's softball team was formed in 1895 at Chicago's West Division High School.

What size softball is used for 10 and under leagues?


How to play softball where it is originated?

Chicago Chicago Chicago

Where was softball invented?

Softball was invented in Chicago, Illinois.

Who participates in baseball?

Baseball is open to both men and women. But it is very difficult for a woman to make it very far in baseball because of softball, though some woman have played in the Major Leagues and the Negro leagues. Little league baseball is open to both genders, and schools are required to allow women to play on a baseball team if that school does not have a softball team.

What is the oldest you can be to play softball?

There are many leagues that at co-ed slowpitch softball. These leagues are designed so that many different ages of people can play. I know people in their fifties on these teams.

Where are softball leagues in mooresville NC?

At moor memorial you can sign up!

What are the 4 main softball leagues?

leftfield rightfield center shortstop

Origin of softball?


Where was softball invinted?


Who is Chicago's pro softball team?

they are the Chicago bandits.

What size is 8U softball?

This may vary in the league you play in, but almost all 8U leagues use an 11" softball.

What is a senior league softball bat?

A softball bat with a barrel over 2 an 1/4 inches in diameter, used by leagues with younger softball players

When and where softball was invented?

Softball was invented in November of 1887 in Chicago, IL.

How many players can play softball?

In most leagues, it's 9 players

What are the differences in softball leagues?

If by leagues you're asking about sanctioning bodies such as USSSA, ASA, USFA ect. The difference is the level of competition.

Is softball a girlie sport?

no not at all! if you play baseball if you don`t go into major leagues then usually the men will play softball.

Where did softball first play?


Where did softball get started?

In Chicago, IL.

What city was softball invented?


Where softball come from?

chicago in 1888

Where did softball started?

Chicago, IL.

The city where softball began?