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There are many places to play tennis in Nowra, South Wales, Australia. If you are a tourist, check your hotel for their own courts or for possible reciprical agreements with local clubs, or ask your travel agent for assistance. Or, enter the words "nowra Australia tennis" into your favorite search engine.

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Q: Where are the good places to play tennis in Nowra South Wales Australia?
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nowra to Parramatta New South Wales, Australia is about 171 km

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NOWRA stands for "National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association". They fight for water conservation and cleanliness. Nowra is also a city in New South Wales, Australia.

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What is the most direct public transport route between Melbourne and nowra area on the south coast of nsw Australia?

Premier Motor Services ( runs a direct bus route that takes about 15 hours along the Princes Highway. However, it's not the quickest route. It's actually quicker (about 12-13 hrs) to catch the CountryLink XPT train all the way to Sydney and then jump on a local train to Bomaderry (Nowra) (Bomaderry is a suburb of Nowra north of the Shoalhaven River, the train line doesn't actually cross it - there are bus services into the CBD area).

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