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The goal posts are placed eight yards apart at the center of each end of the field.

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Q: Where are the goal posts placed in outdoor polo?
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What is the game played on horseback?

Polo. It's a team game, and you use mallets to hit a ball between goal posts.

What is a goal scored in polo called?


How you scorce a goal in polo?

Hit ball through goal.

How wide are the goals in horse polo?

Polo goals consist of 2 posts 8yds, 24' or 7.32m apart.

What are the release dates for Polo A Dash for Goal - 1899?

Polo A Dash for Goal - 1899 was released on: USA: September 1899

What was Marco Polo's goal of exploration?

His goal was to get silk, jewels, and spices.

Did Marco polo achieve his goal?

Yes he did.

How many points do you get for making a goal in water polo?

You only get one point for each goal scored in a water polo game.

What equipment is needed to train in water polo?

pool, water polo ball, goal

Did Marco polo reach his goal in china?

yes he did reach his goal in China

What are the dimensions of a water polo goal?

From the FINA water polo standards... The inner sides of the goal posts must be 3 metres (10 ft) apart. When the water is 1.50 metres (5 ft) or more in depth, the underside of the crossbar must be 0.9 metres (3 ft) from the water surface. When the water is less than 1.5 metres (5 ft) in depth, the underside of the crossbar must be 2.4 metres (8 ft) from the floor of the pool. Limp nets must be securely fastened to the goal posts and crossbar to enclose the entire goal area and must be attached to the goal fixtures in such a manner as to allow not less than 0.3 metres (1 ft) clear space behind the goal line everywhere within the goal area.

What was Marco Polo's goal and did he reach it?

Marco Polo was one of the many explorers of his day. When he originally set out on his journey, his goal was to establish a trade route through Asia to China. He did achieve his goal before his death.

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