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Characteristically, the majority of recreational scuba diving takes place in tropical waters (which are warm, have good visibility, and lots of brightly coloured marine life to look at) in depths of less than 90 feet of water. Popular destinations for scuba diving holidays include the Caribbean, the Red Sea, Thailand and Australia, although there are many other popular scuba diving destinations in the tropics.

Recreational scuba diving also occurs in other environments. Wreck diving is popular in all parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, North Eastern United States and the Great Lakes, where (in each case) the water is cold and visibility is low. Cave diving is also a popular sport, particularly in the US state of Florida. There is even a specialised form of diving known as Ice diving for particularly brave souls. However, these forms of diving are much more dangerous, and usually require much more specialised training and equipment.

Some divers also choose to dive deeper than 90 feet, although this considerably increases the risk of decompresion sickness, oxygen toxicity and other dangers of diving. Diving deeper than 130 feet falls within a specialised sphere referred to as "technical diving" which requires considerably greater training and equipment to deal with the risks.

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Q: Where are good places to go scuba diving?
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