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there is one called spirit fever it is awesome!!

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โˆ™ 2009-09-28 09:30:12
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Q: Where are cheerleading games on the internet?
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Is there cheerleading in Australia?

There is very little cheerleading at schools but there is cheerleading at professional sport games

Woman in the 2008 olympic games for cheerleading?

Cheerleading will not be in the 2008 olympic games, it is up for consideration for the 2012 summer Olympics

Are there any good cheerleading games?

spirit fever is a great cheerleading game

Is cheerleading a sport or physical activity?

Both. Sideline cheerleading (the cheering you see at football and basketball games) is NOT a sport. It is a physical activity then. Competition cheerleading (strictly cheerleading competitions, self explanatory) is a sport in that setting.

Where do they use cheerleading?

: cheerleading can be used for football and basketball games. but it can also be all-star cheerleading. all-star cheerleading is cheerleading that you compete against all squads and it is all year round. there are like 20 compeitions that you attend each season. you can go check out my all-star cheerleading team at :

What are some good fun online cheerleading games?

fly girl is something like a cheerleading game but that is all i can think of

Where can you learn cheerleading moves?

well you can learn cheers at a camp or at home on the Internet

Where can you find cheerleading games on the computer?

Rules of cheerleading?

you have to attend all games and practices. If you go to they have rules and regulations for competitive cheerleading if that's what you're looking for!

Is cheerleading and basketball in the same season?

cheerleading is usually an all year thing and basketball is usually from early november to february or march depending on games.

Do you travel when you a high school cheerleader?

Yes , you do travel when you become a cheerleader but only to cheerleading events such as cheerleading compititons , or if your school have a football team you will have the chance to travel with them to cheer them on in their games. :)

Does they have any cheerleading games that you can play on? ( No Spaces )

What games are there on the Internet?

There are so many games on the Internet. There are action games, shooting games, multiplayer games, and much more.

Are Internet games fun?

It is a form of opinion whether or not Internet games are fun. For most people, Internet games are enjoyable and fun. However, some think that Internet games aren't fun, but are a waste of time.

How do do cheerleading on Monster High?

well, first, it's not cheerleading, it's fearleading, and the you have to go to the game section on and scroll down the games until u find the fearleading game, hope it helps :)

Is cheerleading one word or two?

Cheerleading, one word.

What is football cheerleading?

Football cheerleading is known as football season. It is when cheerleaders cheer during football games. <3 Yours truly, *ChEeRlEaDeR fOr SnOwLiNe AlLsTaR cHeEr*

Can you play internet games on the dsi?

no the browser on dsi is worthless unless you are looking at pictures on the internet but games or videos forget about playing internet games on dsi

Do you have to be connected to the internet to play itouch games?

Not all games. But some games you must have the internet. When you go to buy a game it will tell you whether or not the internet is needed.

Can you play games on your ipod touch without internet?

yes you can but requires internet to get the games from the app store. so internet isnt needed to play games no.

How is cheerleading play?

Cheerleaders cheer for games, any kind of games. They throw people in the air, do back flips, you normally need to be flexible to be a cheerleader.

Where is some cheerleading auditions?

If you are looking for cheerleading auditions in New Jersey it will be by a cheerleading store. If your looking for cheerleading auditions in another state it will be bye a sports center or also a cheerleading store.

How many kid internet games are there?

Over 900 million games are on the Internet

How do you copy flash games off the internet?

how do i burn games off the internet

How games are made in the internet?

There are multiple games on the internet and they are added every day.