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Air Jordan shoes were sold on online more cheaper than shop

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Q: Where are air Jordans sold?
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How many Air Jordans were sold 2009?


How long has Nike been making the Air Jordans?

The first year Nike made Air Jordans was in 1984, however, they were produced only for use by Michael Jordan. in 1985 Air Jordans were produced and sold to the public.

How much does Michael Jordan make off every pair of Air Jordans sold?


What Jordans came out in 2001?

Air Jordan 16s actually, plus the air Jordan I's were re-released and sold out instantly

What is the difference between retro jordans and air max?

Air Max are Nikes not Jordans.

Where can cheap Air Jordans be found?

You can find cheap Air Jordans from eBay. You will have to be careful to purchase from a reputable dealer as it is highly probable that there are individuals selling fake Air Jordans.

When Air Jordans basketball shoes first came out?

The original Air Jordans were released in 1985.

Where do they make Air Jordans?

They Make Air Jordans because Michael Jordan is a legendary player

How much money does Air Jordans make a year?

air jordans make about 12,500,000,000

Where were air Jordans manufactured?

Air Jordans air manufacture in China. Air jordans are made many places. most jordans are made in china. alot of fakes ( fake jordans) are made in china. companies that usually unheard of are fake shoes from china. other shoes are made in new york and LA . ( stores, LA FLIGHTCLUB

What are jordans called when they have a Nike and Jordan on it?

They are just Jordans. Nike owns Jordan and that's why on retro jordans you see nike air a lot. The OG or original jordans had nike air on them and that's why when the Jordan 3 and 4 came out with nike air on the back, it was a big deal.

What are Michael Jordans nacknames?

Michael Jordans nicknames are "Air Jordan",and "His airness"

Where can you buy air Jordans?

You can buy Air jordans at Footlocker, Champs, or Finish Line. All three stores have a website.

What is the ticker symbol for Air Jordans?

Air Jordans are made by Nike. Nike is traded under the symbol NKE on the NYSE.

How many jordans were sold in 2010 and 2011'?


Are Air Force Ones better than Jordans?

no depends what jordans your talking about all

Who invented the first Air Jordans?

nike and Micheal made first pair of jordans

Why has Michael Jordan stopped making Jordans?

They have not stopped making Air Jordans. The Air Jordan XX3 is the last numbered Air Jordan, but the line will continue with the Air Jordan 2009.

Who makes Air Jordans?


How famous are Air Jordans?


Are Air Jordans jumpman?

what are jumpmans

Is Michael Jordan the creator of Air Jordans an jordans?

yes but there are other people who help him design it

Why don't stores get new shipments of retro air jordans It's seems like I can never find any other air jordans other than the air jordan 1 Help me find retros pleeeeaaaasssseee?

Some stores still have retro air jordans for ; try

What is the best shoe brand Nike air or jordans?

nike air

Who created Air Jordans?

micheal jordan

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