Where are Lucasi Pool Cues made?

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Made in China and imported exclusively for Cue & Case Sales Inc.

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Q: Where are Lucasi Pool Cues made?
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Who originally made Lucasi Pool Cues?

Lucasi pool cues are a mass produced cue that exists in name only. These are produced for Cue & Cases Sales, Inc. of Florida. These are imported, but Cue & Case does not reveal where these have been made. The cue name comes from the company's owner's last name, John Lucas III.

What is a special feature of the McDermott pool cues?

McDermott pool cues are considered to be very high quality pool cues. These cues are made with the latest technology and materials available in the world. These cues are said to lead the industry in performance, service and quality.

Were there any palmer pool cues made without a name or insigina on them?


Who manufactures players pool cues?

Made in China for Cue and Case, Inc.

Where can you find an Orchad pool cue?

The Orchid pool cues can be purchased at any low end billiards supply in the US or on the internet. The Orchid cues are very low priced decal based cues intended as "starter" cues. These are imported to the US and Orchid does not identify where they are made.

Where can someone order custom cues?

Billard Warehouse operates a website that offers custom-made pool cues from various dealers. They are affiliated with Jacoby Custom Cues, Ray Schuler, Schon Pool Cues, and many more. J. Pechauer offers custom cues through their website. eBay generally has many private listings for cues as well.

Who made Tyler pool cues?

Tyler pool cues were made for a short time in the mid to late 1980's under the direction of Joss cues in Maryland. The cues were designed by Dan Janes, and Tyler is his daughter's name. Relatively few of the cues were made although the reason why has never been officially stated. One theory circulated is that the cues were made in the US using some amount of imported parts (possibly the ivory components of the upper level models,) and thereby lost most of their appeal to American buyers.

Why do pool cues need felt?

Pool cues don't use felt. Pool cues should have a pressed leather tip. Break and jump cues are sometimes given a synthetic tip, such as phenolic, but these are not legal under many tournament rules.

When was Stenoptilia lucasi created?

Stenoptilia lucasi was created in 1990.

When was Ephedrophila lucasi created?

Ephedrophila lucasi was created in 1907.

When was Chaetocorophium lucasi created?

Chaetocorophium lucasi was created in 1954.

Where can one purchase custom pool cues?

Custom pool cues can be bought off of sites such as eBay. Websites like McDermott are designed to offer dozens of different pool cues. A customized pool cue can also be ordered for a slightly higher price.

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