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Me quit

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Q: When you run swimming pool pump on filter do not get good suction at skimmer when run on circulation plenty of water flows out of jets side of pool do not think filter blocked any answers please?
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How can the swimming pool be set up to fill all the way to the top without spending a fortune on moving the skimmer box?

Install a floating swimming pool skimmer

How do you get rid of pine needles in swimming pools?

Skimmer net on a pole

How do you unclog the jet system in the skimmer off a swimming pool?

The filter may be clogged, dirty and need backwashing. The lint bucket may need cleaning out. I have a cedar tree and the needles of this tree go thru the skimmer into the lint bucket and clog it, cutting down the circulation. What does your pressure gauge show?

How do you see if a swimming pool skimmer is blocked?

The easiest, and cheapest way is to turn the suction valves off to everything but the suspected skimmer, if your pump bowl stays full of water, it is fine, if it automatically looses suction, then you have either a break or a blockage. Put a plumbers helper in the suction side of your pump pot and blow whatever blockage you have towards the skimmer. A snake will not work here because your skimmer actually has vacuum (negative) pressure unlike a sewer line,which is not a pressurized line.

What will happen if an above ground pool overflows due to rain?

The water will spill out through the skimmer, unless the skimmer it is blocked. Otherwise, it will spill over the top. It should not hurt the pool.

Can you get a fungal infection from a swimming pool?

Of course you can. The most likely place for them to grow is in the skimmer throat.

How do you install an in-ground swimming pool skimmer?

They are usually attached with a hose to vac source & float on top.

How do you repair a cracked swimming pool skimmer?

There is a special puddy you can buy from your local pool place to fix a cracked skimmer. It dries quickly & its easy to use. You may have to do this yearly. We have had to twice now.

Can you run the pool without the skimmer just using the main drain for circulation if you think you have a leak in the underground pipe from the skimmer to the pump?

Sure you can. You'll need to use a net to clean the junk off the top often so it doesn't sink and cause stains or clog up the main drain.You can however it would be a good Idea to repair or replace the existing skimmer with a different method of skimming say a suction side floating skimmer as there are many materials that float to the top of a swimming pool that may be hazardous to health RB

What angle should a swimming pool return nozzle be set?

pointed away from your skimmer on a slight downward angel

Are there any tricks to skimming the leaves off the top of a swimming pool?

You could get yourself a floating swimming pool skimmer. They hook up the same way as an ordinary automatic pool cleaner.They are an Australian pool cleaner known as either the dragonfly supper skimmer. or the pulse surfase cleaner. they are also available from a place in Texas dragonfly floating pool skimmer. othewise you have to use a net

How do you determine the length of swimming pool creepy houses?

Measure from the skimmer box to the furthermost point away and add 2mt

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