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No it isn't, you must start and finish your free throw attempts behind the free throw line

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Q: When you release the ball for a free throw shot and you are standing behind the line but end up past the line when you land is the free throw shot legal?
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What is a legal throw in in soccer is the ball allowed to go all the way back to your shoulder blades?

no not all the way to there, but it does have to go compeltly behind your head, so depending on how you throw it may have to go back there

How far throw javelin if I can standing javelin throw thirty five meter?

It depends, some people are really strong initially and only throw 10-15 meters further than their standing throw with a runup. But I also met a high schooler who could standing throw like 30-35 meters, but would easily throw up to 70 meters with a run up. I personally can throw a standing jav like 25 meters, but I can throw it like 45-50 meters with a runup, but don't judge me cause i'm only a freshman in hs rn

How far does catcher throw ball to secondbase if standing 5 ft behind home plate?

The distance between Home Plate and Second Base is 127 feet, 3 3/8 inches. Standing 5 feet behind the plate, the catcher would be throwing 132 feet, 3 3/8 inches.

Can a quarterback go pass the line of scrimmage and than go back and throw the ball?

No... ANSWER: If the QB goes back behind the line of scrimmage, then yes, he can still throw the ball. Crossing the line of scrimmage doesn't negate the QB's right to throw a legal forward pass on that play.

Is it legal to throw the ball back to a player behind you because he hit your cart.?

No you have to keep the ball in place from where it lies even if it hits a cart, tree, building, etc.

Is it legal to throw a ball over the defenders head in Lacrosse?

Yes it is legal to throw a ball over the defenders head

Why would a biggner throw there discus in the standing position?

The answer here is because the rotation is a pretty complicated motion that takes a while to learn, and doesn't mean a thing if you can't get a good release. So most beginning throwers just stand to get the release and basic throwing motion down. This is known as a "power throw"

Is hikikomi gaeshi considered a legal throw in competitive judo?

Yes, Hikkomi Gaeshi is still a legal throw in competition Judo, but as a countertechnique.

Can a quarterback throw the ball after crossing the line of scrimmage?

If a quarterback and the entire ball are in front of the line of scrimmage then a forward pass can no longer be thrown but a lateral is still a legal play. However, by the act of crossing the line of scrimmage, the quarterback does not lose the right to throw a forward pass as long as after crossing the line scrimmage, the ball returns behind and is thrown from behind the line scrimmage.

Is it illegal to throw away money?

No, it is perfectly legal to throw money away.

Is it legal to throw poop at houses?


If you fumble the ball on a flea flicker and then throw it?

As long as the ball is thrown from behind the line of scrimmage, and a forward pass has not already been thrown during the play, then the play you describe is perfectly legal.

In competition can you throw the discus or put the shot from a standing position?


Where can you score 3 points in basketball?

behind the arch behind the free throw line .

What is a legal throw in discus?

a legal discus throw is when the thrower stays inside the ring when throwing, and the disc stays inside the field when thrown. it can be scratched if the thrower steps outside of the ringwhen throwing or walks out of the front of the ring after throw

Can oranges break a spine by throwing it?

I think it can and it can,t because oranges in the outside are soft but it depends on how hard you throw it

Can you throw a frisbee to Milan?

Depends where you are standing; A pro or highly skilled disc thrower can throw the disc about 70 yards, more or less. So unless you are standing within 100 yards of the city border of Milan, then throwing a Frisbee to Milan is impossible.

What is the danger of standing in a power tools throw?

You may get hit and injured by something that it throws.

What is a foul throw?

in soccer, you have to place the ball behind your head while doing the throw in. if u place the ball over your head or in front while doing the throw in , then the referee will signal it as a foul throw.

How do you take throw in football?

You put your hands behind your head like your holding on to the back of your neck but with the ball in your hands. You then throw it back over your head. If the ball is behind your head enough it is considered a foul.

Is it better to throw a ball with a stride or without?

Try it. Throw a baseball as hard as you can by standing flat-footed, then do the same by stepping toward your target and decide for yourself.

Where does the pitcher try to throw the ball?

The pitcher in baseball trys to throw the ball to the back catcher who is behind the home plate.

What are some of the playing positions in softball?

There are nine: a pitcher, standing in the middle of the infield, a catcher straight across from her behind home plate to receive the pitcher's throw, and two players in between first, second and third bases. there are three players in the outfield, spread out evenly.

How many feet is the free throw line to the basket?

13 feet 9" to the center of the goal from behind the free throw line.

Is it legal to recycle a toilet fill valve?

What does 'recycle ' mean. If you are asking if it's legal to throw it in the junk, -no that's allowed.