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Q: When you put ice in a bowl with black paper under the bowl and ice in a bowl with white paper under it what happens?
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Why does white paper glow under a black light?

Phosphorescent coating on the surface of the paper.

If pieces of black paper and white paper are laid on snow in sunshine what is likely to happen?

The snow under the black paper will melt faster as the paper absorbs the heat while the white paper reflects it.

What happens as white light hits black ink on a piece of white paper?

The light is absorbed by the black ink and reflected by the white paper surrounding the ink. That is why you can see the ink clearly.

What happens if you put a white piece of paper under a green light?

If you put a piece of white paper under a green light all that will happen is the paper will turn green. The only time this will vary is if you have special ink that will show up under certain colored light.

How electrical energy is converted into heat energy?

Do a experiment on how black and white paper have different warmth under a light.

How is heat energy converted into electrical energy?

Do a experiment on how black and white paper have different warmth under a light.

What happens when you look at a colored paper and then look at a white sheet of paper?

they both look white

If you place two cans of water under a lamp for 10 minutes one covered with white paper and the other with black paper which one will heat up fastest?

The can covered with black paper will heat up fastest. The colour black, has a property of absorbing maximum radiant heat while white has the property of reflecting the heat.

What happens to light when shone on a black paper?

Anything perfectly black appears black because it absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum instead of reflecting them like white paper, so the light energy is absorbed and transfered into heat energy (the paper warms up very slightly).

How does color of paper white or black affect temperature?

white reflects light and black absorbs it white-cooler black-hotter

Which has the lowest albedo a white sheet of paper a mirror the surface of a body of water or a black sheet of paper?

a black sheet of paper

Which has the lowest albedo A black sheet of paper A white sheet of paper The surface of a body of water or A mirror?

a black sheet of paper