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depends on your skating ability if you are really good at vert skating then you may want them vertical ( if u can afford it and get the wood ) But if you are planning on learning on this you may want to think about a mini ramp which are really good to learn on and in the future you can rebuild on it so you can make it bigger

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Q: When you build a half pipe how steep does it have to be?
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How do you build half pipe?

type it in on google and find out.

Can you skate a half pipe 5 feet tall with a lot of vertical area?

Yes, but its going to be very steep and hard to ride.

How do you build a half pipe for BMW bikes?

Get a book for building skateboard ramps, and follow the directions.

Should you build a drop in to table or a half pipe for your bike or skateboard?

yea but i dont know about the table

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You can do this with something like a storm water pipe. Storm water is basically clean and there is unlikely to be any problem with build up of sludge in the pipe. You should not do it with sewerage pipe as it will cause it to block up eventually

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What is the height of a half pipe?

Depends on the half pipe....

What is the difference between half pipe snowboarding and regular snowboarding?

there is no difference, half pipe snowboarding is just regualr snowboarding on a half pipe

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How much is a half pipe?

A 4ft Half pipe will run about 1500 at the cheapest.

Can you build your own half pipe is there a law in Virginia Beach?

Well dude, I can't see them making a big deal if you do, I mean, You probably could... just they can't register it as a "half pipe" if not made by a licensed manufacture. but it all comes down to there mercy.

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