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you really wrestle them (not fake) and yes First I would like to assure that pro Wrestling isn't fake by the way it sounds from many moaners. Basically sports entertainment era was produced upon the excitement of wrestling, with that started gimmicks and storylines weekly being watched on each episode. These storylines are offcourse fake and are not from real life, but was then extended by people on that it is totally fake. I spent upon two years in NWA Florida after 6 months period in Ohio Valley Wrestling, and the real point is that nearly 27% of the matches are pre-determined but on most top card matches the match is open. Alot would disagree but if you had a title match or a top card match the winner is not pre-determined. But whether determined or not, the fighting we wrestlers have inside the ring is totally real. When ur match is pre-determined who is going to be the winner, each wrestler applies his own way on using which move but at end u have to loose if you are told to loose. In the Ohio Valley we get paid per match and a range is placed in the contract that you would sign.

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Q: When you are in OVW what do you do and do you get paid for wrestling?
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What is the OVW?

Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) is a wrestling promotion based in kentucky.

Does Jim Cornette own OVW?

No, the owner of OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) is Danny Davis.

Did Santino Marella go to wrestling school?

Of course he was in OVW

Is OVW a part of WWE?

Ohio Valley Wrestling USED to be World Wrestling Entertainment's development territory. As of the week of February 10, 2008 WWE has parted ways with OVW, leaving FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) as the only territory!

What is the best and most connected wrestling school?

The school with the most students to turn pro is Ohio Vally Wrestling (OVW)

What channel is Ohio Valley Wrestling on in the United Kingdom?

Ohio Valley Wrestling is only shown in the Louisville, Kentucky CW Market. Unless some deal was reached that would allow OVW to be on in the UK, I don't think OVW programming is available. Youtube is a good source for OVW releated things and I highly recommend it.

How can you join Ohio Valley Wrestling OVW?

Become a good wrestler and then try at get a trial.

Where is Mordecai now?

In OVW, the WWE developmental center, wrestling under the name Seven.

What channel does Ohio valley Wrestling come on in the United States?

ovw doesn't come on tv.

What does WWE ovw mean?

OVW stands for Ohio Valley Wrestling. OVW is an American developmental professional wrestling promotion based in Louisville, Kentucky. It was the official developmental territory for the WWE between 2001 and 2008. Now it is the developmental territory for TNA. Wrestlers who sign-up with mainline promotions like WWE or TNA are sent to promotions like OVW to train and hone their skills before they debut in either promotions shows.

Where Ohio Valley Wrestling is located?

It is one of WWE's developmental territories. Wrestlers who are successful in OVW usually get moved to WWE Actually you are wrong, WWE's development territory is Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE cut ties with OVW about 5 years ago.

Where is the best place to train to be a WWE Wrestler?

The best place to train is OVW(Ohio Valley Wrestling).