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yes but you need to maintin 12 credit hours at that university to play. This is just my personal expirience, it may be different in other schools

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Q: When you are enrolled part time in college can you play college sports?
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Can part time students play sports at a junior college?

It really depends on what college it is? But for most colleges, I think the answer is no.

Can a college student try out for football at another college?

You must be enrolled in the college/university to be eligible to play on their teams.

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No you do not need a scholarship to play college sports. You need a scholarship to pay tuition.

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3 years, 76 days and 4 hours

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Playing sports in college can help college athletes get better and expand their skills so they can play sports for money. Like how people play college football and have better chances to play in the CFL, NFL, or European football than someone straight out of high school. Same in all sports.

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You are enrolled part time in college can you play college basketball?

No you can't play college basketball being part time. You have to be a full time student. Most universities consider full time 12, or more credit hours. A full time schedule for college would be around 4 classes to be full time depending on what your taking and how many times a week you meet up. Good luck to you!

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