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Q: Do college students get payed to play sports?
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What percentage of students who play sports go to college?


What percentage of college students participate in college sports?

2% of high school students play sports on a college team.But that doesn't mean you can't do walk ons.

What percentage of college students play sports?

the cow says moo

What percent of college students play intramural sports?

58 students in my dorm, I don't know about yours

Can part time students play sports at a junior college?

It really depends on what college it is? But for most colleges, I think the answer is no.

Do children who play sports for their school have better grades than students that don't play sports for the school?

It depends on how well you play. Being on the sports team and doing well will help get you into a better college.

Out of 329 middle school students 3-7 of the students play sports about how many students play sports?


What is the percentage of college students that play professional sports?

in football only about 1 out of 10,000,000 make it but fot the other sports im not suire

What percentage of high school students play athletics in college?

I want to know what percentage of US high school athletes go on to play sports at the college level.

Can you play college sports with bad grades?

yes college students should have to get good grades in order to play sports. they could be the best player on the team but school comes first. you should at least have a B in order to play on the team.

How many students play college sports?

About a few hundred, watch college football and basketball sometime, did you know the college football superbowl is called the orangebowl?!

Are boarding schools for sports also?

Some boarding schools have nationally ranked sports teams, and many boarding school students are recruited to play sports in college.

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