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Q: When you are doing karate what level is the?
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At what age did Taylor Lautner begin doing karate?

Taylor Lautner began doing karate when he was 6 years old.

What is the name of the person doing karate?

Karate-ka - Karate student Sensei means "teacher" Sempai means "Senior" (as in senior karate student)

Does Taylor Lautner still do karate?

No, after he started acting he didn't have enough time to keep doing karate

What level is a blackbelt?

the highest rank in karate

Doing karate stagnate height of a 10 years old if she has been learning karate since she was five years old?

Karate does not affect one's height.

Does it take skill to do karate?

Yes. The level of mental and physical strength/skills greatly influence your karate

What is blackbelt in karate?

A blackbelt is considered an expert in karate. He/she is called Sempai. However you have to attain 3rd Dan to become an instructor.

What does Taylor Lautner like doing?

He likes baseball, Jazz (which he has been doing for a while), karate (which he has won local, national and international certificates award, he has been doing karate since he was 7), and of course he loves acting!

How many countries participate in karate on a national level?

This is not a constant figure as karate is spreading throughout the world all the time.

Does gymnastics help in karate?

I would say it does because both sports focus on flexibility and strength and by doing gymnastics it will make karate easier.

Does karate have flips in it?

Karate does not typically have flips in it. It is a gymnastics move with little combat value in it, leaving one vulnerable to strikes while doing it.

What is better ballet or karate?

ballet is way better way more skilled and advanced than karate if you are doing karate and not ballet then you are a full moron you have to be way more skilled to do ballet then you have to do to do karate and karate is just kicking radomly and punching radomly ballet is way more organized than that