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The first Olympic Games of the modern era was in 1896....

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Q: When year did the olyimpics start?
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What year is the next winter olyimpics?

The next winter olyimpics is in 2016

What new countries are at the olyimpics this year?

The Olympics are in London next year.

When did 2011 olyimpics start?

There weren't any olympics in 2011...

When do the olyimpics start and end?

February 12 to February 28

What year did the Ancient Greek Olyimpics?

the exact date is unknown

What date do the 2012 olyimpics start?

27 July to 12 August 2012

In what year will the 2009 Olympic games be held?

it is not possiable to have a 2009 olyimpics

What year did Salt Lake City Utah host the winter olyimpics?


Is volleyball in the olyimpics?

yes beach volley ball is in the summer olyimpics

When do the olyimpics?


Could a 13 year old swimmer make it to the Olyimpics by 2012?

yes they can because teens at the age of 15 are competing in the Olympics and by 2012 the 13 year old will be 18 so start getting ready kid!

Do the summer Olympics occur every 4 years?

yes the summer olyimpics do occer every 4 years and so do the winter olyimpics they olternatethe summer olyimpics occur every 4 years, the same as the winter olympics, but the winter olyimpics happen 2 years after the summer olyimpics, and 2 years after the winter olyimpics are the summer olympics again, and it repeats

When will Chris Hoy stop doing the olyimpics?

chris hoy will stop the olyimpics when he wants to

Amount of money generated by 2008 olyimpics?

The Olyimpics where over one million dollars

Why was the olyimpics given the name the olyimpics?

because the Olympics was made by a man with the surname Olympic

What year was the Melbourne olyimpics?

The Melbourne Olympics where held in Melbourne in 1958 and i wasnt alivei loves all

What did they do in the olyimpics?

they ran in the node

What are the sports in the olyimpics?


How many years between each summer olyimpics?

the summer olyimpics occur every 2 years

2021 olyimpics games?

2021 is not an Olympic year, so there is no Olympic Games in 2021. They only happen every 4 years, not every year.

Will real-estate price drop after 2010 olyimpics?

Probably not they've fallen already by then they'll probably start rising again

What is the olyimpics made for?

a good cause

Where has the olyimpics been held?


Where was the first Olyimpics held?


Why do you have olyimpics?

you spelled it wrong pal