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  1. you get improve yourself nice way and try your best to do it!
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Q: When will you need skills for sport in non school life?
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Why do you need skills to play a sport?

so u can be good at it

What skills do you need to be a pro skater?

You have to have balance and know what to do when you get in the air and you need to be able to jump pretty high and if you go to school track is a good sport to help with skating

Why are sport specific skills important within sport?

you need know how to play sport and be confident with children and enthusiastic about your job.

What skills do you need to become a sport scientist?

you have to know a lot about sports

Why is schooloing good?

You need school to learn life skills like math, reading, writing, science, etc.

What skills do you need to become an athlete?

You need to be good at sport no question about that... and you need to 23 gcse's and 14 A* :)

What relevant skills do a team need for sport?

No skill is needed for it just for fun.

What are the basic skills in dance sport?

The basic skill is that you need concentration and motivation and you will be fine

How does volleyball rank in participation sports?

Volleyball is a sport you MUST play with your whole team. You need to have communication skills and physical skills as well. It is a VERY fun sport when playing with good teammates and have great communication skills.

What courses in high school are most important to this health career oncology?

some skills need are science some skills need are science some skills need are science

Why does the body need sugar?

The body needs sugar for energy so we can do sport and other skills!

How do you use time management in a sentence?

You will need good time management skills to play a sport.

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