When will you know who will host the 2023 rugby world cup?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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It will be made public around the end of 2015 but that is not guaranteed

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Q: When will you know who will host the 2023 rugby world cup?
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india won the bidding for the 2023 world cup

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I know there's a world cup for soccer, idk bout rugby.

Is there going to be a rugby world cup video game?

there is the rugby world cup 2011 but i don't know about 2015

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rugby union is the world cup, the six nations, the european nations cup... rugby union is what people know as rugby. all other forms of rugby are not as popular.

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i only know a few...look on the internet: "Italian rugby world cup team" and it will give you some answers. Maybe it will give you their website and there will be a link. Good luck!

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