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It won't be until 2011.

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โˆ™ 2010-11-15 20:05:15
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Q: When will undertaker return in 2010 after bragging rights?
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Did Undertaker defeat Kane at Bragging Rights 2010?


Did Undertaker finally beat Kane at Bragging Rights 2010?


Will the undertaker face Kane at bragging rights 2010?

Yes he did and he lost.

Was undertaker buried by Kane?

yes at bragging rights 2010, the nexus helped Kane bury the undertaker into the ground.

When did the Undertaker return to WWE in 2010?

After receiving a concussion and facial fracture in a match with Rey Mysterio, Undertaker was out of action from May 28 2010 to October 24, 2010. He had returned August 15, 2010 for SummerSlam, but had a scripted exit (attacked by Kane) before he could compete. He then lost to Kane again at Bragging Rights on October 24.

Will the undertaker return in 2010?

the undertaker is going to return in 2010 because Kane and the nxus burid the dead man the undertaker and

What are the release dates for WWE Bragging Rights - 2010 TV?

WWE Bragging Rights - 2010 TV was released on: USA: 24 October 2010 Japan: 4 November 2010

Why did the nexus attack the undertaker at bragging rights 2010 WWE?

They never gave a specific reason. Maybe they just wanted him out of the way, the way they did John Cena.

Does smackdown vs raw 2010 have bragging rights?


What are the ratings and certificates for WWE Bragging Rights - 2010 TV?

WWE Bragging Rights - 2010 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M USA:TV-PG

When will Undertaker return in 2010?

no 2011

When was the undertaker last match and against who and what is his ranking?

it was bragging rights 2010 versus Kane i would rate his performance 6/10 but his whole career 10/10

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