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January 31, 2010 Australian Time or January 30, 2010 US Time

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โˆ™ 2010-01-28 17:19:29
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Q: When will the men's singles final of the Australian Open be held?
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The Australian Open tennis tournament is held in which city?

The Australian Open is held in Melbourne, Australia.

Where is the Australian Open held each year?

The Australian Open is held in Melbourne each year, at Melbourne Park.

Where is the Australian Open tennis tournament held?

The Australian Open is held in the State of Victoria and in the Capital City, Melbourne.

What month is the Australian open?

The Australian Open is held in January, during the middle of the Australian summer.

When is the Australian open?

The 2008 Australian Open will be held between January 14 and January 27. Since the 1980's, the Australian Open has always been held in January. Previously it was held in December.

Where was the Australian Open held?


In what city will the 2010 Australian Open be held?


Where is the 2010 Australian Open held?

Melbourne, Australia.

Who won the first Australian Open men's singles?

The first winner of the "Australian Open" (men's) was Rod Laver in 1969.However, the championship, as an amateur tournament (which was the form which originally held the public's attention and had the prestige) was formerly known as "The Australian Championships", and was a lawn tennis event, run from 1905.In reality, then, the very first winner of the Australian event was R. Heath in 1905, who won the final, 3 sets to 1 against AH Curtis.

In which city is the 2010 Australian Open going to be held?


When is the Wimbledon Open 2011 tournament?

The Championships at Wimbledon this year begin in the 20th of June with the men's singles final being held on July 3rd.

Which city is the Australian Open 2011 being held?

melbourne, australia. its held there ever year

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