When will the cubs win a championship?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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The Cubs will win the World Series in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, becoming the only team in the post-steroid era to win four world series' in a row.

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Q: When will the cubs win a championship?
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Who did the cubs win against in the World Series in 1908?

They defeated the Detroit Tigers in five games. It was the last time the Cubs won a World Series championship.

Will the cubs win?

According to Harry Carrey: CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!

When did the Chicago Cubs won a World Series Championship and Do you think they will will make it to World Series and win on 2011-2012 season?

1908. No chance.

Will the Chicago Cubs win the NL Central this year?

The St. Louis Cardinals clinched the NL Central Division Championship on 9/26/2009.

What is the course of the billy goat?

the course of the billy goat is a course on the Chicago cubs in 1909 a man wanted to bring his billy goat into a cubs game but they didn't leat him so he coursed the cubs and said they would never win anthor championship again

Cubs vs whitesox who will win?


Who was the only big league ballplayer to ever win a major billiards championship?

Johnny Kling Johnny Kling, a catcher for the Cubs, Braves, and Reds between 1900-1913 won the world billiards championship in 1908.

First unranked team to win the championship?

This was the first unranked team to win the championship

In Remember the Titans- do the Titans win the state championship?

Yes, they do win the state championship.

What is the longest looseing streak with out winning a chjampionship?

if you are talking about baseball then the cubs have gone the longest without a world series win. they have gone over 100 years without a championship.

Cubs were first to do what?

The Cubs were the first to go 102 years without winning a World Series Championship.

Which MLB has the most years without a championship win?

The Chicago Cubs have the longest streak with out a championship they won their last one in 1908 so that's 101 yrs. the next team is the Cleveland Indians who haven't won since 1948 or 61 yrs