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The Cubs were the first to go 102 years without winning a World Series Championship.

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Q: Cubs were first to do what?
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Who came first - Chicago Bears or the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs were founded first. The Chicago Cubs organization was started in 1870, while the Bears' organization was established in 1919.

What year did the Chicago Cubs win their first game?

As a franchise, the Chicago Cubs won their first game in 1870 as the Chicago White Stockings. The franchise came to be known as the Cubs in 1890, and recorded their first victory with that team name in that year.

When was the first and last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?

As of the 2008 season, the first year the Cubs won the World Series was 1907 and the last year the Cubs won the World Series was 1908.

Who was the first manager for the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs first manager was Albert Spalding. The team was then known as the Chicago White Stockings.

When was the first and last time the cubs one the world series?

The Chicago Cubs won their first World Sries in 1907, and won their last in 1908.

When was the first Chicago Cubs game played?

The current Cubs franchise's first National League game was played on April 25, 1876 against the Louisville Greys. The Cubs, then known as the White Stockings, won 4-0.

Which team was established first the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?

Cubs in 1876 Whitesox in 1894

What Chicago Cubs jersey was the first to be retired?

Ernie Banks had his Number 14 retired by Cubs in 1982.

Where are first farington cubs football team in the East Lancs cubs football leaguetable?

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Who played first base for the Chicago Cubs in 1908?

In 1908, Frank Chance was the starting first baseman for the Chicago Cubs.

When was the first time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?

The Cubs first World Series victory was in 1907 when they defeated the Detroit Tigers 4 games to 0.

What team did the cubs play at their first game in Wrigley Field in 1916?

The Cubs first game in Wrigley Field, then known as Weeghman Park, was April 20, 1916 against the Cincinnati Reds. The Cubs won 7-6.

What year did Chicago win their first world series?

The White Sox won their first World Series in 1906, beating the Cubs. The Cubs won their first the next year, 1907, by beating Detroit.

What was the very first nickname of the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs were originally called the Chicago White Stockings when the National League first formed in 1876. They later were called the Colts and the Orphans before becoming the Cubs in 1901--the first year of the American League, which had as one of it's teams, the Chicago White Sox.

What was the Chicago Cubs win and loss record in 2007?

The Cubs finished first in the NL Central with a 85-77 record.

Who was the Chicago Cubs manager in 2000?

That was Don Baylor whose first year managing the Cubs was 2000 and was fired after 83 games of the 2002 season. Baylor's record with the Cubs was 187-220.

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What is the first game of the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs are a Major League Baseball affiliate and have been playing since 1870. Their first game was in 1870, which was followed by a five-year hiatus until their first complete season in 1876.

What was the first national baseball team?

Chicago cubs

Who was the first Chicago Cubs player?

it was James wood.

Who was the first owner of the Chicago Cubs?

The Weeghman Family

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When was cubs first World Series Champion?


Who was the first black player for the cubs?

ernie banks