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Well, he currently is a second string quarterback, but i bet you one day he will always be a starter!

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โˆ™ 2011-02-08 00:25:30
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Q: When will Tim Tebow be great in the NFL?
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Is Tim Tebow going to the NFL?

Yes, Tim Tebow is in the NFL currently.

When did Tim Tebow join the NFL?

Tim Tebow's first season in the NFL was 2010 with the Denver Broncos.

Does Tim Tebow have a future in the NFL?

Tim Tebow is a little overrated but can get on the raiders

When was Tim Tebow drafted in the nfl?


Where will Tim Tebow play in the NFL?

Tim Tebow is currently slated to play for the New York Jets.

What is the value of a Tim Tebow football card?

A Tim Tebow NFL card will probably be about $1.50 to $2.15

How fast is Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow ran an official 4.72 in the 40 yard dash at the NFL combine

Who drafted Tim Tebow?

The Denver Broncos drafted Tim Tebow in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft.

What year in school is Tim Tebow?

He is currently in the NFL

What team does Tim Tebow play for in the nfl?

Tim Tebow signed a one-year contract in 2015 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

What position does Tim Tebow play in the NFL?

Quarterback for the Jets

Who selected Tim Tebow in the NFL Draft?

Denver Broncos

Were does Tim Tebow work at?

the national football league NFL

What nfl team is Tim Tebow 2011?

Denver Broncos

What is the number one NFL jersey?

Right now it is Tim Tebow.

What former Michigan wide receivers played in the nfl?

Tim tebow

How many records did Tim Tebow brake?

2 in the NFL for rushing

What is the best selling NFL jersey?

Right now it is Tim Tebow.

When did Tim Tebow get drafted into the NFL?

2007, first round to broncos

What team did Tim Tebow play for first?

In college Tim Tebow played for the Florida Gators. In the NFL, the first team he played for was the Denver Broncos.

How many NFL touchdowns did Tim Tebow have for the 2012 season?

Tim Tebow didn't have any NFL touchdowns for the 2012 season, but he has had 17 total career touchdowns during a long career in both college and the NFL.

Who gets picked first in this years nfl draft between Tim Tebow or colt mccoy and why?

i believe Tim tebow will get picked first because colt mcoy is coming off an injury and Tim tebows new throwing motion is great.

What NFL teams has Tim Tebow played on?

Tim Tebow is quite the football player. As for the NFL teams he's played on, he has played on the teams of the Denver Broncos as well as the New York Jets.

How much can Tim Tebow bench press?

At the NFL Combine in 2010, Tebow bench pressed 480 lbs.

How many touchdowns has Tim Tebow scored?

In college, Tim Tebow had 145 touchdowns, 88 passing and 57 rushing. In the NFL, Tebow has 29 touchdowns, 17 passing and 12 rushing.